Batteries recharged.

One of the delicious wines
from last night.
After a rough couple of days with sick kids and being very emotional I was able to get out of the house last night with my friends Anna, Vanessa, Jen and Martha for wonderful food and tasty wine. (I’ve not used their real names to protect their identity, ha ha)  I’m not sure if they want me to talk about them on my blog.  :)

We hit Vinnie’s on Merrimon Ave for yummy Italian and Monday is half off bottle of wines.  What a lovely surprise.  I think I ended up drinking the most because I was the only one not driving home.  BONUS!!  We talked, laughed a lot, enjoyed delicious food and delicious wine!  It was a really nice night and it’s just what this Supermom needed to recharge her batteries!

When I made it home the babies were in bed sleeping so I hung out with Superdad until I couldn’t stay up anymore!!!  This is where it gets fuzzy.  I know I turned my phone off and set it on my nightstand but then I was afraid that it would get knocked off in the floor so I KNOW I GOT UP out of bed and set it on the changing table in the bedroom.  So, this morning my phone wasn’t anywhere to be found and since it was off there was no way I could call it to find it.

I’m guessing 1) I was too tipsy that I had actually thought about putting it on the changing table and didn’t or 2) I got up in in the night and put it on the nightstand beside me because I found the phone in the floor between the bed and my nightstand.  Did I text anyone last night?????  Just curious!  Ha ha.  If I did and you couldn’t make it out please just delete and do not tell me if I sent you a text.

Somethings you just don’t wanna know!

Okay, since I am all recharged I’m going to make some coffee and work! 


Martha said…
The wine was very YUMMY!!! And the company was great too!
Supermom said…
Yes and thank you!