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Cupcakes vs. Cancer.
I love living in Asheville, North Carolina.

YAY!!!  I got it!  I got it!  I opened the email that was asking me to be a guest judge at the Cupcakes vs. Cancer Cupcake Faceoff event in April!  This will the third year of this awesome event and I’m so glad that I can be included again!

The first year I entered this cupcake:

This Morning

This is how I store things. 
Granola cereal bought in bulk and black beans bought in bulk.

Bloody Mary please.

Today I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch downtown sitting outside at The Grove Arcade with a friend of mine!  We had great food and I even enjoyed a Bloody Mary.  It’s rare that I will drink during the day but I hear my friend mention martini so I chimed in with a “Bloody Mary please”.   HA HA!

That’s what you call peer pressure!  NO, I TEASE!!!  It’s not actually peer pressure at all because she didn’t have me in a headlock making me order an alcoholic beverage.  *smiling*

We talked, laughed and talked!  It was a lovely lunch hour indeed.  It felt weird not having to cut anyone’s food, wipe their mouth or have to take them to the bathroom!!!  I’m also glad that I didn’t offer to do any of those with my friend because she would have laughed at me!  It’s rare that I have a lunch date that doesn’t include almond butter and jelly sandwiches with bear crackers.  Know what I mean?

This applies here as well.

Wordless Wednesday

Yes, my life has stopped at the moment.  Baby M is going through the fridge on her own and wiping her own bottom.  This is like TWILIGHT all over again!  Speaking of that, I got my friend Marian, Twilight Junkie, into Twilight and she got me into The Hunger Games.  Are we even????

Okay, I will bite.
The Hunger Games

I have a couple of friends that have read The Hunger Games and so I’ve been hearing about the books.  It was filmed in my area so when all of that was going on I had thought about reading the books but I knew they were like a young adult series and I wasn’t sure I’d get into them.  But then Twilight was freaking amazing and meant more for tweens and super cool MOMS that got involved with what their daughters were reading.  *smiling*


So anyway, my teenage daughter went to see The Hunger Games with her boyfriend on Saturday, without reading the books, and said the movie was really good.  Then I had dinner on Monday with someone who had read the books and said she’d loan me the first one while her husband is on the second one and she’s already finished all three.

My other friend sent a text, “You can run but you cannot hide.” which I bet refers to the books as well because she has read them and seen the movie!  She’s paying me back for getting her hooked on the Twilight Saga!  Ha ha.  No, really she is! 

Last night I crawled into bed at 8 pm with the babies and started to read the first book.  I read and read and then I read some more.  I read half the book, which didn’t take too long because it is easy reading.  I read until I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer.

Today, my plan is to finish reading the first book and go buy the second book so I can start it tonight.

These two things landed in my hands today!

While picking up my daughter from school my friend stopped her car in the road and ran over to hand me The Hunger Games.  Yes, right there in the road!  It was adorable!  Then when I checked the mail the new National Geographic featuring the Titanic was there, I've heard about it and was looking forward to reading it. 

So, guess what I'm doing tonight?

The Kitchen's Painted


Sunday Superdad did some caulking so we could finish the little bit of painting that was left in the kitchen and after it had dried I did the rest of the painting so the PAINTING is finished!  *insert happy dance here*

I’m totally loving the new color and it makes me want to eat a delicious mango every time I walk into my kitchen!  Note to self, buy mangos at next grocery store visit.  We have a few things to do to be completely finished but at least the painting, the major part, is over.  We have been unable to find a replacement grill for the exhaust fan that is original to the house and that’s been a bummer because we have looked and researched and looked some more. 

Batteries recharged.

One of the delicious wines
from last night.
After a rough couple of days with sick kids and being very emotional I was able to get out of the house last night with my friends Anna, Vanessa, Jen and Martha for wonderful food and tasty wine. (I’ve not used their real names to protect their identity, ha ha)  I’m not sure if they want me to talk about them on my blog.  :)

We hit Vinnie’s on Merrimon Ave for yummy Italian and Monday is half off bottle of wines.  What a lovely surprise.  I think I ended up drinking the most because I was the only one not driving home.  BONUS!!  We talked, laughed a lot, enjoyed delicious food and delicious wine!  It was a really nice night and it’s just what this Supermom needed to recharge her batteries!

When I made it home the babies were in bed sleeping so I hung out with Superdad until I couldn’t stay up anymore!!!  This is where it gets fuzzy.  I know I turned my phone off and set it on my nightstand but then I was afraid that it would get knocked off in the floor so I KNOW I GOT UP out of bed and set it on the changing table in the bedroom.  So, this morning my phone wasn’t anywhere to be found and since it was off there was no way I could call it to find it.

I’m guessing 1) I was too tipsy that I had actually thought about putting it on the changing table and didn’t or 2) I got up in in the night and put it on the nightstand beside me because I found the phone in the floor between the bed and my nightstand.  Did I text anyone last night?????  Just curious!  Ha ha.  If I did and you couldn’t make it out please just delete and do not tell me if I sent you a text.

Somethings you just don’t wanna know!

Okay, since I am all recharged I’m going to make some coffee and work! 

A Series of Misfortunate Pictures

This morning I was out and about in Asheville visiting Liberty Street Baggage and Jewels that Dance seeing everyone. I wanted a picture taken with the beautiful Marlene and it became an adventure! HA HA! See for yourself:

Here, let me show where the button is.

This is where out of the corner of my eye I see Baby M trip and fall. 
She didn't get hurt.

I couldn't stop laughing.

Marlene and Michelle

And the mother of the year award goes to.......

Is Facebook hurting the blogging world?

My husband has brought this up to me many times over the past few months when he notices that no one really comments on the blog anymore and such.  I told him that people will mostly comment on Facebook when I share the blog post there.  “But no one can see that if they come to your blog.” he states.  He’s right; if a new person or company comes to the blog they see no interaction with me and my peeps.  Superdad isn’t on Facebook so he has no clue what I post and what interaction I have going on with everyone so if you weren’t following me on Facebook then you wouldn’t know either. 

So, is Facebook hurting the blogging world?

Facebook has made it so easy for us to click a button to “Like” a post and it’s just as simple to comment on a Facebook post.  It’s much easier than clicking on the comment button on a blog and enter your information in to actually comment on the blog post.

Cooking with what you have in the house.

If you follow me on Facebook then you know I've had a sick seven year old at home today so cooking dinner wasn't on my priority list unless the kids wanted crackers, cheese, yogurt or raisins.  I thought that wouldn't be a good dinner after all so I went through the fridge to see what I could cook rather quickly for four hungry people.  Two of my people are away for the night so I didn't have to cook for us all.

I found sweet potatoes, cabbage, onions and broccoli (all organic) in the fridge just waiting for me to cook. 

I threw the sweet potatoes in the oven to bake and then put everything else in a pan to cook in olive oil with a lot of spices.

It was really tasty and I threw it all together in an hour!

I guess I am Supermom after all because the kids aren't eating cold cereal, applesauce or yogurt for dinner.


Recent text to my husband:

Please pick up some mint oreos and some cool ranch doritos. Don't judge me. Ha ha. I love you.

Yes, I am here to amuse you.

This conversation just happened in the minivan.

Lil O ~ Can I play in the backyard?

Me ~ Yes, just don't play on the paved part.  (We share the driveway with another house that is right past ours.)  If you were hit by a car it would ruin my Thursday.

*Insert a lot of laughing here from me and the teenage daughter.*

Just me.

Taken today with my super short hair.  I like. 

A Day in My Life, March 22, 2012

I'm cheating.

I didn't mean for it to happen and I have a lot of guilt over the whole matter!!!   Really, I've been so torn with the whole mess!  MICHELLE, HOW DARE YOU!?!?!  WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!!?!?  Seriously!!!!!! 

We all know I'm a Vaseline Intensive Lotion fan and have been using the lotion for almost 2 years, I believe, and it cured my dry skin.  It was amazing.  I even shot a cool webfilm about how my skin was rescued and then I went on tour to help rescue dry skin!!!!  Remember???

Today I was able to try a Gold Bond Sheer Ribbons Silk Softness Lotion and then I had a coupon to buy my own bottle.  *biting lower lip*  I love this new lotion!!!!  I just took a hot bath, hiding from the kids, and used it on my whole body when I got out and my skin feels so soft to the touch!!!!  I love it!!!  It even has a light scent that I enjoy without having to worry about a migraine being triggered! 

So, I feel really bad that I have this bottle of lotion next to my handy dandy faithful Vaseline lotion in the bathroom.

*Hanging Head*

**I wasn't paid to post this.  I happened to be able to try a small sample and in turn bought my own bottle.**

Yes, I will have another beer.

I just spent TWO hours sitting at the doctor's office seeing all these pregnant women walk in and walk out leaving me utterly depressed.  I'm trying to decide if it bothered me so because I can no longer have children or that it's that I've reached a time in my life where there are no more children.  It would have been different if I still had a uterus and it was an option but since my uterus was unhappy and I had to have it removed it makes things different for me.

Here's my recent Facebook status update:
OMGosh!!!! I left this house at 2 and just got home a minute ago! I was at the doc's office for TWO HOURS! Then I had to stop by the drug store! I was planning on a nice dinner tonight but noooooooooo I stopped by Papa John's for pizza (which is beside the drug store). Some of the kids have been fed and the babies are in the bath. Why yes, I think I will have another beer!

I'm exhausted and all I can think about is a HOT bath, another cold beer and to get away from my children.

Know what I mean?

Wordless Wednesday

Tulips blooming in my yard.

See, it's just me. With less hair.

Life is going and I'm actually wearing make-up to help balance out the fact that I have no hair. HA HA!

Yeah, my looks have changed.

Sorry I went MIA yesterday but I started my morning finishing lunches and getting the kids to school!  Yikes, what was I thinking having four kids???  I tease!  Then I went to Liberty Street Baggage to work some with the lovely ladies for about two hours!  Things like that.

Then I started feeling bad.  My back was killing me and my stomach was on fire.  Who in the hell gave me a tummy bug so I was puny the rest of the day.  Laying on the couch, drooling on the pillow, sleeping in bed and then with all that sleeping I was up until 2 am, I think, watching crap TV!  UGH!  I hate when that happens.

This morning I am all better and thought that I would be productive and type up a blog post to let you know that things are just swell at the Supermom house.  Just swell.  I guess.  Kids will be kids.  ha ha 

The weather that we are having is amazing, just amazing!  Everything is beautiful and in bloom!  I cannot believe that yesterday was the first day of Spring and just think that April will be here next week!!  Holy cow!  APRIL!!!  I have two children with April birthdays so I will have to work on that one!  I cannot combine the soon to be 4 year olds with the soon to be 14 year olds party even though it would be comical!  I could do half the cake with boy stuff and the other half all pretty princess stuff!  ha ha

It's the little things that make me happy! 

Short hair is sexy!

Supermom lets her teenage daughter buzz her hair off.

There comes a time when you just want to be in control and be CrAzY! ! ! !

I guess that's today!

I think women with short hair are hot!  :)

PS.  Excuse Superdad's bike shorts hanging from the shower and all the baby toys lined up around the tub. 

I love Monday.

Not feeling it.  Kids in school.  Baby M and Sophie must have my attention since I've hit play on my camera.

Sun is shining and all I want is some freaking snow!

Enjoy your week Supermom Junkies!

Gomez and Hey Rosetta! rocked Asheville last night

Laura and Michelle (me)
and I was so glad to be there!  My gal pal partner in crime Anna was running late so I went ahead and got in line because the doors were opening at 8pm, which turned out to be a good thing because I met Laura.  She was propped up against the wall reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so we struck up a conversation about Daniel Craig and his hotness only when he’s in Bond movies.  Ha ha. 

Laura and I were together all night, talking about life, singing, dancing and enjoying adult beverages!  It was totally cool that we were singing the songs of the band we love the most!  Anna got there just in time because the first band Hey Rosetta! was finishing up and Gomez would be hitting the stage soon.  Hey Rosetta! was a great band too and I will have to invest in their music because I really enjoyed them! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day EVERYONE!!!

I hope that everyone enjoys their Saturday wearing a lot of green, eating a lot of green things and hopefully drinking green beer!

I will be going to see GOMEZ tonight!!  YAY!!!

I guess I better wear something green tonight so I don't get pinched!

Target, why do you torture me so?

I had promised the babies that I would take them somewhere today and I knew that you’d be the place that I would go because you know how much I love to visit you and it’s been awhile since I’ve been for a visit.

Have you even missed me Target?

Apparently I didn’t get the memo that you were rearranging the WHOLE store.  I would have like to have been consulted on this major change because I was totally lost today!  I don’t like the pet food and cleaning supplies up in the front and I don’t like the toys in the middle and why in the hell did you move the socks???  I will never be able to find anything when I come to visit!! 


I know the purpose of the changes since I have worked in retail.  People get familiar with the layout and don’t browse the store and they will only buy what they are looking for.  So, when you change things around people will walk around looking for what they need and see all these new bright things that sparkle, things that they must BUY BUY! 

Pretty smart there! 

But this Supermom isn’t happy with the change because I felt like I was in the store twice as long and even came out with a few impulse buys, a rug for the front porch.  It was on sale!  But the outside rug is thicker than the old one so the screen door WILL NOT open with the new rug.  See, this just proves that some things should just be left alone.  I’m just sayin’….

BTW, I am starting something new that may interest you and it might not.  I’m going to do a live feed from time to time thanks to Ustream.  I did my first introduction video today using my webcam so the quality isn’t where I want it to be so I will have to come up with Plan B if and when I decide to do a second one. 

TGIF!  What are your plans?

This time change is kicking my butt.

I’ve been utterly exhausted for days and didn’t put two and two together to realize that it might be the time change until a friend of mine mentioned it.  Yeah, I bet that is it because I have been dragging!  The weather is gorgeous and I’ve been taking advantage of it for sure!  Today the babies were playing in the front yard and on the front porch as I was sitting on the front porch reading my book.

It was super nice.

Then I came inside and cleaned house, like vacuumed and dusted the whole freaking house!  YUCKY!  I think I did it to stay busy so I wouldn’t fall asleep and drool all over myself.  That actually happened later when I plopped on the bed and the babies joined me so we all three took a nap twisted together like pretzels.  I may have drooled some but I cannot be sure.

SO, tomorrow is Friday not that it’s anything special.  I need to buy some fabric for my son’s class because they are sewing a pillow case and pajama pants.  Interesting.  So, I need to hit a fabric store to find some thin flannel for a boy.  I could always buy him some Hello Kitty print for his pants!  Nah, I wouldn’t be that mean.  Or would I?  I also need to hit the grocery store but I just don’t WANNA!!  WAHHHH, I wonder if I pitch a tantrum like my three year old if I can be sent to my room and totally not have to go grocery shopping?!?!

There you have it!  Welcome to my world.

I heart Gomez

Wordless Wednesday


The past few days have been really super amazing and a lot of fun!  I’m just enjoying each day and everything that it brings!  Today I took Baby M to The Hop where she enjoyed some vanilla ice cream while I enjoyed a cup of coffee as I started a new book A Gate at the Stairs for my March read.  My second March read in fact!  My resolution to read a book a month has paid off and I usually get two books read in a month!  Does that mean I get a month or two off in the summer?  Ha ha.

It never hurts to plan ahead you know!

The other day I learned something amazing!!!  One of my favorite bands Gomez is going to be at The Orange Peel THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!  I’ve seen them at The Orange Peel over ten years ago and they were fantastic!!!  So, guess who’s going to go see them again on Saturday night???  You get three guesses.  :)  Why, me of course.  I love Gomez and cannot wait for the show!

Ummm, everything is going good around here.  Kids in school and such.  Normal week.  Well, Lil O is out of school Thursday and Friday because they are having parent teacher conferences so that means BONUS time with the babies together.  This reminds me, I should plan something fun for us to do during the day if the sun is shining.  Hmmmm????  Yikes, checked weather and it looks like rain.  Of course it would rain since there’s no school. 


It is time to wash dishes when you are drinking out of your snowman mug.

Yesterday was the best day ever!!!!

I keep thinking of the episode where SpongeBob SquarePants is singing the Best Day Ever song as the show starts because that is how our day started!  With it being Lil O’s seventh birthday she woke up extra early, or perhaps it just felt that way since the clocks had been moved forward an hour during the night,  and in our heads we thought it was super EARLY!  I don’t know, what I do know is that it was the BEST DAY EVER!!!

We watched Lil O open presents and it was awesome.  She got a few things she had been asking for and a few surprises as well!  LOVED IT!!  Kids are so cool! I’m just glad that we were able to make her day super special!

We had planned her party to be at a new local place near our house called The Tree House, a CafĂ© at Play.  It’s amazing!  Take a look around their site (you can also follow them on Facebook) and you can see for yourself!  It’s a brilliant idea!  Go take the kids to play while you enjoy a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat while surfing the WWW.  On Tuesdays and Thursday they offer child care if you have an errand to run or just want a break!

I had as much fun as all the kids that were there to celebrate!!! 

Blindster.com came to the rescue for our kitchen DIY project.

When I had the brilliant idea to redo the kitchen, I knew that I wanted that ugly blind to go away since it was in the house when Superdad bought it.  There are three of them covering these big windows in the living room and kitchen.  The blinds get all icky and dirty since the house doesn't have air conditioning and we leave the windows open during the summer months.

I reached out to Blindster about replacing the ugly blind with a beautiful natural colored roman shade and guess what?????  They sent me one for FREE for my kitchen DIY remodel!!!  I was so tickled when it came in the mail and couldn't wait to hang it but I had to wait for the painting to be finished before I was able to do that.


Mean Moms Rule By Denise Schipani
A Review

I’ve been reading this book when I’ve had a few minutes to spare here and there, remember I do have four kids, but yesterday I made myself sit down and finish the book while Superdad was watching basketball.

I’m so proud to know that I am a MEAN MOM!!!  YAY!!!  I’ve always wondered if I was a total failure at this mommy thing because of how we do things in our house and now I know that I’m doing right by my kids because of how we are raising them.

Denise Schipani has written an amazing book that every parent should own, I mean as soon as they go for their first OB appointment where they receive all their paperwork and some birth book the Mean Moms Rule book should be in their bag as well!  I’m serious!!  Mothers are too worried about things that are just silly and a time suck that they just need to follow their instincts!

I’m very proud that I fail my kids a little bit every day by running out of waffles, not washing their favorite pair of jeans or shirt and with my suck up and deal attitude at times.  I also give my children responsibilities and here at my house it starts very young because the babies have always helped put place mats on the table or napkins because they love being able to help and in turn they are so proud to help mommy.

You really need to read all the Mean Mom Manifestos and highlight with a bright YELLOW highlighter of all these great things!!!    The manifestos are amazing and so very true and I hope that you find a little bit of yourself in each one.  I found myself in ALL of them and that made me so proud!  I am a MEAN MOM and proud of it!  Mean Moms do RULE! 

I didn’t know there was a
penis vagina game.

I was asked a weird question today. 

Mom, have you played the p e n i s v a g i n a game?  (spelling because there were small children in the van)

Excuse me?

Penis vagina game?  Yeah, you know where someone shouts penis and someone else will shout vagina.

Oh, like Marco Polo?

Yeah, like that.

No, I can say that I haven’t played that game before.

The things you learn about school.

Yes, I wore clothes.

A cool picture I took couple years ago.
This morning I took 36 blueberry muffins to Lil O's school to share with her class as we celebrated her birthday by partaking in the birthday circle at school.  I took seven pictures to share with the circle, when she was born, turning one, turning two, turning three, turning four, turning five and turning six.  Is that seven pictures?  *counting* 

It was a lot of fun sharing her story with the class!

I'm so proud of her.  She's an amazing little girl and I'm proud that she is mine.  Yes, I blog about her getting on my nerves but that's all part of everything I love about her!  Right?

I look forward to celebrating her birthday on Sunday!  I love you Lil O!

So, when I was heading home my friend Anna sent me a text asking if I wore clothes to school!  HAR HAR!!  Yes, I wore real clothes instead of my usual attire, my jammies!  :)

My kids are driving me crazy!

No seriously they are!!!!  They are running around screaming and teasing the crap outta each other!!!!  The six year old loves to torture the three year old and the thirteen year old loves to torture the six and three year old and they all love to torture ME!

Doesn’t seem right since I am the one who fixes their food, washes their laundry, drives them to school and insert everything else that I do for them in just one day of their life.  A LOT!!!  What gratitude do they show me?  Tattling on each other!!  Running through the house screaming.  Jumping off the furniture.  Not listening to me. 

Yeah yeah, that is typical and I get that BUT the Supermom needs a break!!  Like a big ole break!!  After today I’m exhausted.  Wait, I’m pretty much exhausted every day.  With packing lunches and getting the kids to school, workings on my short yoga routine then doing the everyday chores that go along with having a family.  Picking up.  Laundry.  Cleaning.  Meal planning.  Then there’s this thing called work that I have to do.  Yes, I am blessed to be able to do it from home but it is still called work.  It may not pay the bills but it is my job.

A job that I’m behind in since I’ve been sick since last Friday!  But tomorrow all else will stop existing and I will sit down with my stack of papers and work until it is all done!  Finished.  Not on my shoulders anymore.

Yes, I’ve said that.

Yesterday Hormonal Teenager stayed home from school because the juniors were taking the ACTs and that would have left the seniors watching King Kong and the teen was less than thrilled about that.  So, she stayed home and I was okay with that.  She napped on the couch and watched cartoons with Baby M while I painted in the kitchen.  Then of course I would cough and wipe my runny nose on my sleeve then paint some more.

It was a nice day.  Minus my cold.

Here’s the funny part!  We were in the kitchen goofing off, me + teen, and the other kids were playing rather louder in the living room when Hormonal Teenager says, “I wish they could go back to school.”

Then without missing a beat I followed it up with, “Yeah, I say that all the time.”

Then we laughed! 

Wordless Wednesday

Taken yesterday.  Our DIY kitchen project!

To wear the jeans or not wear the jeans?

The jeans.
For about a week it has been planned that we were going to go out dancing on a Saturday night, which was last night, and I knew I wanted to wear my favorite jeans.  Nobody likes my favorite jeans.   In fact my sister told me I could NOT wear those jeans when we went out.

Everybody has a pair of favorite jeans and they really do bring comfort!  You wear them when you go out, you wear them when you stay in and you wear them out DANCING!  Know what I mean?  Sadly, I started getting sick Friday afternoon and Saturday I was miserable but I knew I was still going dancing if I had to take a box of tissue, a bag of cough drops and was doing NyQuil shots at the bar!  That’s how much I wanted to go dancing! 

And guess what I wore?  Yes, nodding, my FAVORITE JEANS!!!  Nope, they aren’t skinny jeans or what people call jeggings and trust me you better be glad they aren’t any of those either, this body of mine wasn’t made for pants like that.   My favorite pair of jeans are baggie and the best pair of jeans that I’ve ever owned! 


Recently my life has been very busy with so many things going on.  It has left me feeling completely exhausted and wanting to make some changes.  I’ve decided to be more devoted to this blog The Adventures of Supermom and put most of my blogging time here which means that Supermom Reviews will no longer exist down the road.  I will finish up the reviews that I’ve been working on and once all giveaways have ended I will only be posting on The Adventures of Supermom. 

I will still accept sponsors, and be VERY selective over things that I get asked to review and be VERY selective about giveaways that companies may want me to do so that it’s not all work and no play because I want MORE PLAY!!!  Of course I will still have all that fun stuff but in ONE place.  The Adventures of Supermom is my baby, my original blog, the one that started it all and I look forward to merging the two things together because it can only go UP from here on out.

Of course I will still have the name Supermom Reviews and the site will still be visible for a while because I want the reviews that I’ve done in the past to still be visible. 

How does that sound?

I’ve been working at Liberty Street Baggage this week a lot, today was day three.  We are working on getting the site all fixed up because it was accidentally deleted and now it’s having to be built up again with a new guy and a new design so we are trying to get everything ready for that!  Add kids, husband, dog and everything that has to be done and you can see how BUSY I’ve been.  This just means that tomorrow I have earned.

Friends, downtown, food, drinks and dancing.