You just never know...

Recently we, as in ME, embarked on the notion to give the kitchen a make-over since our house turns 60 this year.  I've been working on getting the paint off of the cabinets and counter tops thanks to previous owners going all paint happy when they painted without taping the place up!  It's been discouraging to me.  Also another thing that's been discouraging to me is finding the perfect color for the room.  Maybe difficult is a better word.  I want a warm pumpkin color and even bought a sample on Sunday but it's totally wrong.  It's got more peach in it and sooo not the color I had in mind.

Nope, not right at all.
Superdad went to the other hardware store yesterday and came home with more samples that had gold in them instead of peachy pink.  I think we've decided on one now.  I haven't painted any walls with it but I found the color on their site.

We've tried the paper sample in the dark with the kitchen light on, in the sun and not in direct sunlight and we both like it.  It's more of a golden orange than an awful peach color. 

This is harder than I thought.  It is a work in progress that's for sure.