Where the hell is the snow?

Yes, I’m complaining about the unusual winter weather here in Asheville.  Instead of snowy nights and school cancellations we have flowers blooming and kids wearing shorts.  I’m upset about all this!  For one, I think if the bad weather does come after all this warm weather then a lot of crops will be ruined and then I think about all the bugs that will come with spring and summer since it wasn’t cold enough to thin them down a bit.

I went back the other day to look at the big beautiful snow that we got last winter at Christmas time and it was awesome.  Yes, it caused a lot of havoc and shut off a lot of power but isn’t that what winter is about??

Winter is supposed to mean a fire in the fireplace, skiing at the resorts, letting the kids sled down massive hills and make snow angels in the front yard?   Instead I’m seeing flowers bloom and hearing kids playing outside in the neighborhood.  What’s up with that?  Yes, I know that Phil saw his shadow yesterday so that means six more weeks of winter.  BIG DEAL!  It’s practically spring weather here so what’s six more weeks of this?? 

I WANT S. N. O. W.

A.  L. O. T.  O. F.  I. T.

Is that so wrong since it is February 3 and we’ve had ZERO SNOW!!  I live in the mountains and I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some white flakes falling from the sky and it be cold enough to wear a big old heavy coat!  I leave you with one word,



Krista said…
I hear what your saying about no snow...but boy am I loving it right now. I have been able to work in the garage on furniture without freezing and not having to worry about getting down my driveway...loving it!