What did I just say?

This is a phrase often said to kids in the house and you know they are thinking, “Don’t you remember what you said?”  When in fact you want them to actually listen with their ears,  think about what you told them, and actually do it!!!  Like STOP RUNNING, GO CLEAN YOU YOUR ROOM, TAKE THE TRASH OUT, WALK THE DOG, UNLOAD THE DISHWASHER, PICK UP THE TOYS.  Then of course they will ignore you and keep doing what they are doing which will then irritate the crap out of you then you say these words,

“What did I just say?”

It’s a never ending cycle that I’m tired of battling it almost every day with four kids in the house.  Recently the two smaller children had been asked for a solid two days to clean up their play area because I wanted to vacuum.  Vacuuming day comes and there’s still a huge mess with no kid helping pick up.  So, I grabbed out a garbage bag and started filling it up and when it was full I tied a knot in the bag and threw it down the basement stairs for all to see!

I won’t throw them away but they don’t know that and perhaps a week or two without those toys will make them KNOW that MOM is SERIOUS when she TELLS us to do something. 

*deep breath*

This brings me to a recent article that I read online about a man that learned about his daughter being disrespectful to the family on her Facebook wall so he made this amazing YouTube video that’s on the web of him reading her hateful message then you see him shoot the laptop with his 45.  HA HA HA!!!  I was cheering this man!  Now, that my friends is how you teach you kids a lesson.  No one was harmed.  AND I can guarantee that she won’t do anything stupid like that ever again!  EVER!!!

I heard that he’s getting some slack from people and my advice to them.  GET OVER IT ALREADY!  I grew up having to get my own switch when I had misbehaved and it didn’t hinder my growth in any way.  I applaud him for making it an example; Things not to do on Facebook.  He’s become an overnight parenting STAR but he’s not into all that and that makes me applaud him even more!  He did what any loving parent would do.  Personally I wish he’d taken a sledgehammer to it so we could see in break into millions of pieces! 

So, kids beware we now know how to get rid of Facebook altogether, so watch what you put out there for all to see.