Vitamin D

I just came inside to fix lunch for Baby M with the dirtiest hands ever!!  This weather is killing me!!!  I’m dreaming of snow while it reaches temps like 71 and I’m digging in the dirt wanting to plant flowers and herbs and veggies!!!  This just isn’t fair!!

Am I asking for too much?  SNOW?!?!?!?  You know that fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky in the WINTER?  This mountain girl wants some snow or else I’ll have to move to a colder state!  Like Colorado!  Ha ha.  Now, you know that I wouldn’t do that because secretly I desire to live at the beach when the kids get older and they don’t need me anymore. 

I was walking around outside listening to my iPod, Matt Hales, just looking up at the blue sky feeling the sun rays warm my face.  It was very nice.  Add Baby M laughing and Sophie barking then you have a moment in my life.

Quiet moments are hard to come by for me because I have so many responsibilities as Supermom.   At times I long to just be Michelle without super powers!  I told someone the other day that I hope to be sane one day but then I’d be afraid that I wouldn’t be fun anymore. 

I’m rambling.  Forgive me.  This weather is confusing me.  Or it could be the lack of sleep.  Or both.

Enjoy your day folks!  Make the most of it. 

Tell me something fun that you did today!  I’d love to hear.