Valentine’s Day Revisited

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Yes, it’s that time again where you confess your undying love to those around you by giving them a card, some flowers and jewelry if your extra lucky.  Ha ha.  This is also the day that men dread all year long.  Boyfriends and husbands start to shake in their undies when February 1 comes along and their significant other starts throwing out hints that Valentine’s Day is near.  I bet their palms start to sweat and they just know that they are going to screw up.

Remember when things were much simpler?  You would decorate a box at school or make a big heart envelope that was taped to your desk and on Valentine’s Day you’d get Care Bears, Scooby-Doo, He Man, My Little Pony cards with candy attached.  Ahhhh, good times.   I can remember sitting at home for days reading my cards over and over again. 

I’m here to put their mind at ease. 

First, plan ahead!  DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT go looking for the perfect card on VALENTINE’S DAY especially if you will be seeing them in the morning on that special day!  We want you to greet us with a smile and a card.  Trust me; you will be rewarded for planning ahead of time.

Second, flowers are okay but they don’t have to be roses.  Yes, we’ve been taught through time that roses are the flowers of love but I disagree.  I love all flowers and would be tickled pink to receive a bouquet even if they aren’t roses.  Even a potted plant would be awesome!!!  Brownie points if I can plant it outside to enjoy every year!

Third, boxes of chocolate.  Chocolate is good but make sure it’s chocolate that she actually likes.  If you’ve been together for a long time then you should already know what sort of chocolate that she loves!  I hope you’ve been paying attention because most likely she will have some hiding in the house when she’s stressed and wants to avoid a meltdown!  THINK THINK!!!  If it’s a new relationship then a box of chocolate truffles will always make a girl smile! 

Fourth, ummmmm lingerie.  I personally don’t want to get “dental floss” for this day of love!  A pretty silk nighty would be nice but let me decide if I want to get all kinky in stockings and barely there things.  I just don’t like a man giving me lingerie unless we’ve picked it out together.  I guess I’m weird like that. 

In all honesty my man could get me a cotton granny gown, some warm knee socks with hearts on them, a good book to read and a lot of peanut butter cups and I’d be one happy Supermom!

What do you want for Valentine’s Day and how will you celebrate this day of love?


MelD said…
I plan to stay as busy as I can and try to forget that it's Valentines Day.
You can be my Valentine. :)