Unable to sleep so I thought I would blog.

It’s Monday for only a few more minutes then it will be Tuesday.  Funny how that happens day after day.  I’m not even sure why I am up or what I want to blog about.  I need to start a list of things to blog about so I can randomly pick a topic for sleepless nights like this one.  Oh, wait!  I do that but there’s nothing on the list.  Perhaps I need to get you guys to send in random blogging topics for me to voice my opinion when I cannot sleep!  Now that’s a good idea.  So start emailing those suggestions to iheartsupermom@aol.com why don’t ya!?


The house is too quiet yet usually I’m wishing everyone would be quiet.  Never satisfied!  I think it’s that way for everyone.  I would be printing some cover letters and my manuscript right now but I don’t want to wake the six people (seven if you count the dog) that are sleeping in the house.  So, I’m sitting here in good ole reliable fuzzy typing.

Speaking of good ole reliable fuzzy, my friend Marian wants me to auction fuzzy off for charity! 
*gasp* Get rid of fuzzy?  How would I survive?  What would I wear to take the kids to school?  That’s just crazy talk on her part! 


Night night Supermom junkies.  Sweet Dreams.


mbl said…
Let's discuss the controversy of peanut butter with chocolate. I personally think peanut butter should only be used between two slices of bread. If you're looking for a chocolate treat, stick with the Kit Kat or even a Milky Way. Just saying........
Supermom said…
More crazy talk I see! HA HA!!! You're a freak woman to not like the smoothy peanut butter inside of a delicious chocolate shell!!!!!

Yeah yeah Kit Kats are okay if YOU like that SORT of thing! Eh on the Milky Way. I did eat a Snickers a week or so ago and it was YUMMY!

I will stick to my peanut butter cups. They complete me. :)