Prom Dress - Check

I was worried at first that prom dress shopping was going to take MONTHS and cause a lot of stress and anxiety but I was wrong.  Saturday we set out in the snowy weather to hit David’s Bridal to check out the fancy dresses that they have just for prom.  There were some beautiful dresses that brought back memories when I went to prom.  It was exciting.  Finding the perfect dress, finding the perfect shoes, finding the perfect accessories and of course finding the perfect clutch for prom!

We did it!  In like an hour!  They instructed us to find three dresses to try on and then go from there.  I’m proud to say that the third dress was “the one”.  Whew, wiping brow, I really dodged a bullet with that one!  Ha ha

I have pictures of my crazy beautiful teenager in the dress but I don’t want to spoil it so I will just post the pictures from their site!  We will have to have it altered and find all the other assorted things but that will be easy since we already have the dress!!!

The thing is now I want to go to prom!  I think there should be an adult prom that I can get all dolled up for!!! 

Who’s with me?


Anonymous said…
I'm with ya! Beautiful dress! Glad you found it on the first shopping trip : )
Krista said…
Lucky Girl, LUCKY MOM!