My Son is Amazing

This week I get this email that made me cry.  I know I’m an emotional wreck these days but this email was very touching and was cry worthy! 

Teacher’s Name and Teacher’s Name 8th grade Language Arts classes at School Name have been studying the Holocaust and World War II. In our study we have been trying to determine what makes a hero. In fact, our big question is “Who is a Hero?” As our unit comes to a close, students have been assigned a project in which they must identify heroes in our community…and one of our students has chosen YOU!

 Part of the assignment is for students to interview their “hero” and compare character traits of modern day heroes with heroes of the past. Please answer the interview questions below and attach a picture (JPEG) to your response. Our students will need your reply by February 20th in order to complete our project on time. Thank you for being willing to help our students…and thank you for being a hero.

Please answer the following question in your reply: What have you done to impact others in a positive way?

 -Signed by My Son

Me, a hero?  I was so honored by my son thinking that I am a hero in the community.  I’ve never seen myself as a hero to anyone before and I’ve never thought that my kids thought I was a hero.  It has touched me more than my son will ever know to know he thinks this of me.  Then I began to think of the question that I had to answer.  I didn’t know what to say!!!  I didn’t want to give out some cheesy answer so I thought about it and I thought about it some more then I actually asked the people that read my blog and my Facebook and here’s the response I came up with.

What have you done to impact others in a positive way?

I was very touched that my son considers me a hero in the community and I wasn’t sure how to exactly answer this question at first. So I threw the question out to the people that read my blog and follow me on Facebook since I am a public figure I wanted to get their answers.

I was super surprised at all the responses that I received about how I’ve helped others just by speaking my mind. It was very nice to read all these amazing comments from people that know me and total strangers.

I impact others in a positive way by just being myself. I give parenting advice. I share funny stories. I post recipes. I share a lot of pictures. I share my deepest feelings online in a very public forum and I hope that it helps people realize that life is hard and you just take it day by day. I encourage people when they need it and I help them achieve their goals. I stand up against domestic violence and I spread awareness for autism. I support local companies in Asheville and help spread the world about how amazing buying local is and how important it is to help in your community.

I’m not perfect and that’s why people enjoy me, I’m just me, take it or leave it.

When it comes to parenting, I teach my children to be aware of others, speak their mind and to be passionate about everything. I know my children will consider me a strict parent but I consider myself fair. I only want what’s best for them and I will do whatever it takes to help them and that will include blogging about their every move. *grin*

Michelle Lee, a very proud parent of XXXXXXXXX

So, how did I do?  Who’s your hero?


RedMelD said…
Awesome response (and I'm not just saying that cause you included what I said about you;-)! Your children are blessed to have you as their mother!

I truly haven't had many heroes in my life. The people that have impacted me the most weren't really "heroes" in the sense of the word. They were normal, every day people that did heroic things, even though no one took notice.

I started writing about them here....but realized it was super long for a comment. You'll have to head to my blog to read the rest....I'll get it up soon! ;-)
Thank you Twin Sis from another mother. ha ha And another daddy btw.

My mamaw is my hero! She will be 82 this year. :)