Make it happy, find it a home.

If you know me then you personally know I am sort of an OCD clean freak.  Don't gasp in shock because you should already know this about me.

I have a motto. "Make it happy, find it a home." My kids know this very well.

I detest clutter!! I like things at a minimum. I guess I am trying to say is that I am not a whatknot kind of gal. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The first room I am going to tackle is the bathroom. Also known as "The Library" or "The Ladies Room". Any bathroom. Yours. The kids. The guest. Whatever! If it has a potty then you need to continue reading!

Or as Al Bundy use to say, "Quiet oasis from woman and camels."

The bathroom is my quiet oasis from the kids. I often find myself hiding in my bathroom imagining I on an island drinking vodka martinis. Sometimes I am with 007 and sometimes I am with David Muir. Maybe even Justin Timberlake if I want to get all wild and crazy. I tease!! Really I do. Who has time to imagine that stuff anyway? My mind is on what I will cook for dinner and if there are clothes to fold. You know what I mean?

Just follow these easy ideas to have your bathroom neat and tidy in no time.

Organize your space.

In our bathroom we use wicker baskets. Each basket is for certain things. One contains the medication. One belongs to Superdad for his razors, lotions, extra buttons, eyeglass cleaning stuff, etc... I have a bigger basket for my razors, eye drops, perfume, nail clippers and files, etc... The babies have a basket with hair bows, brushes, lotion and nail clippers. I have a smaller basket just for my makeup. I don't use much so it's nice to have it in one place.

When you start to organize this is the time to toss out things you quit using or will never use. Check expiration dates on medications and prescriptions.

Did you buy something and didn't like it later? Why are you still hanging onto it?

Did you get a stinky perfume as a gift? Why are you still hanging onto it?

Did you love that lipstick color at the store and HATE it now? Why are you still hanging onto it?

Get my drift??

Your space should ONLY have things that you currently USE!! AS IN EVERY DAY!!!!! Your space is valuable and getting rid of things you no longer use or need can make you feel so liberated!!!! Is that the word I am looking for? Just think if all you see is clutter it makes you feel aggravated and you in turn don't like how things look. Take some extra time and organize!!!!

My oldest kids share a bathroom and it's all in order as well. Each child has their own basket in the bathroom closet. Everything is happy because it has a place to call home.

Here are two pictures from my bathroom. Even my decor is at a very minimum. I have a decorative gourd and candle on the potty. They were gifts from Superdad. The perfume I wear mostly is there too. Then my body lotion for when I get out of my tub.

At the sink is where I keep my facial lotions and my toothpaste and toothbrush.

Under the sink I have a few matching towels and fancy soap. Just for looks!

Here's the view of our closet in our bathroom. See, the top shelf is some storage and the basket of medicines. It's away from all the kids up there. Then you have the two bigger baskets. One is his and the other is mine. Then you have the shelf with the toilet paper, bar soap, some of my facial potions, deodorants, the basket with baby stuff and then my basket of makeup. To make more room for my towels, I roll them up. They take up less space and look pretty cool.

Then the bottom of the closet is where the laundry basket goes.

So, what are you waiting on?? Go tidy up the bathrooms in your house!! Have fun and don't be afraid to THROW AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Make a couple of piles, one for Goodwill, one for your sister because she may like that perfume or lipstick that you only used once. 

**This is an oldie post revised for today.**