I opened a bottle of wine yesterday that has been in my kitchen ever since I helped in the BMW shoot last year and I’m just now opening it, it was sent as a gift.  I’ve rather been enjoying it!  HA HA!!!  Don’t judge me, I do have four kids, if I didn’t drink then there would be something wrong with me.  My friend told me that so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

So, we are in the kitchen talking about life and we’re laughing having a good time when my husband is all happy that this year I will have been married to him longer than my first husband and I couldn’t remember how long we’d been married!!!  I really couldn’t remember or do the math.  He’s teasing me along with hormonal teenager and I’m all red from laughing!  *slightly intoxicated*

He said it’s like when you have children the first one gets all the videos, baby books and pictures and then the second child may get a few videos and pics and you’re trying to remember how to fill out their baby book while they are in high school and then the third and fourth child are just lucky to have a few pics! 

It’s the same with husbands.  The first one you remember every single detail.  First date.  First kiss.  First time you jumped in the sack.  Ha ha.  The second husband gets all that too but your wife just cannot remember how long you’ve been married; is that really so bad? 

He mentioned that my third husband was going to have a hard time!  Ha ha.

Okay okay, this year we will celebrate being married 6 7 8 years.  I’M KIDDING SUPERDAD!!!  We’ve been together like 10 years though, right?  Or is that 11?  I’m sorry I’m shit when it comes to numbers.

HEY, at least I remember our anniversary.  Yes, it is the day after my birthday but that doesn’t help me remember at all.  Ha ha. 

We’re having too much fun tonight! 


diannaray said…
lol....oh dear...
Supermom said…
I know, oh dear....

I will share. :)