A letter to my daughter:

Dear Baby M,

I know you love to change clothes like a million times a day!  Really, I understand and know that it is a girl thing and I get it.

BUT, for the love of everything holy, please STOP!

I love you,


diannaray said…
lol, my thirteen year old daughter has YET to stop this annoying and laundry inducing behavior!!!
Gwenthemom said…
My 56 year old husband does this! I did 4 loads of laundry last week, darks. 5 pieces of clothing were mine - the rest were his!!
Supermom said…
UGH!!!!! *doing the Home Alone SCREAM* The madness must end!!!!! She's in like outfit number 4 of the day and the day isn't OVER yet!!!! Remember I also have a teenage daughter. Boy, they do start out young. Geesh.

Gwen, sounds like you need to do an intervention.

HA HA!!!!