I've cried today

**As you start to read this post you will start to think that Sophie died this morning but she didn't.  However, I'm going to start calling her Lucky.**

Our beautiful loving dog Sophie turned one yesterday and we celebrated by singing to her, giving her a new bully stick and a bag of new treats for the girls to give her.  We were all happy about our beautiful Soph having a birthday.  Soph is what we mostly call her, it sounds like sofa with adding the a sound at the end. 

Soph loves to ride in the minivan when we make the short drive to Lil O's school in the morning and I'm happy to let her join in on the ride.  She even has her own doggy car seat to keep her safe.

Sophie in her seat.
But this morning she wasn't in her car seat but sitting in Lil O's lap.  No biggie because she will stay in the seat when the van is moving but it's not safe if I were to be in a car accident and I know this so no hate email or comments.

We get to Lil O's school and I wait for them to come get her out of the van and when I see them coming I push the lever to open the side door where she sits.  I heard a commotion and looked back I see Sophie fall out the door.  Or so I think.  I'm in my bright pink fuzzy robe and flip flops and I hurry and jump out of the van to get my puppy.  Sophie is actually stuck between the van and the sliding door just wiggling like "WHAT THE F&%$ JUST HAPPENED?  CAN YOU GET ME OUT?"  She wasn't crying or yelping in pain but I was pretty frantic at that moment.

I tried pulling her out of the hole she was in but she wouldn't budge.  I then realized I would have to hit the lever and open the door to get her out of the hole.  I was scared, what if I hurt her?  I just went for it, flicked the lever and snatched her up from the hole and held her close. 

She was okay but I was terrified.  I was checking her legs, spine and everything I could get my hands on.  I was scared for her.

When I got home I realized how serious the situation could have been if she had been caught in that hole another way.  She very well maybe not even be here now.  I just cry when I think about it.  I wanted to reenact the fall with a stuffed animal or something similar to her size.  I came across an empty coffee container in the recyclables and used it.  It took me a few tries to get it right without hurting myself in the process. 

The empty container made the van door beep but it still continued to close on the plastic bottle, crushing it in the middle.  I was devastated.  Sophie's guardian angel was with her today and I'm so thankful that she was because we would have all been heartbroken if anything had happened to her.

From now on, Lucky will be sitting in her seat!