I (insert F word with ING at the end) HATE my Bosch Washing Machine

There's always been something going on with my washing machine and after today I HATE IT!!!  HATE IT!!!!  Superdad better hurry home before I take a sledgehammer to it!!!!

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Today it WILL NOT get the water out of the clothes!  I've checked and there's nothing backing the water up!  This is the last time I'm going to try and wash this load (FOR THE THIRD TIME) before I go berserk and since my sanity is being pushed to the limit already, I'm going to beat the crap out of the washing machine!


Michelle, is this a front loader? I've had this same problem before!

The last time this happened, it was because the washer wasn't FULL enough! I added two towels to the very small load, ran it from start to finish again, and it fixed itself.

A few months back (close to a year ago) the problem was due to clogging. We had to take some parts off and clear out the clog of junk.

I sometimes miss the older stuff :|
Yes, we've had it for several years and I've never liked it! We've had to take it apart a couple of times because a baby sock or breastfeeding pad got stuck in the pump area.

It gets moldy and stinky even though I leave the door open. I buy this stuff a Lowe's to run in the machine once a month and that helps some.

I just hate the washer and dryer. Superdad always does his homework before dropping money on appliances and these were rated the best.

Well, I think they SUCK!

I have to have a front loaded because of all the washing we do and it's HUGE in there!!! I just cannot wait to win the lottery, when I start playing that is, so I can replace them with something that I PICK OUT and it won't be BOSCH! UGH!!!
Krista said…
I had a front loader...hated it. After 2 years the bearings went and it was cheaper to buy a new one that fix that one. I was so happy!
the clothes always smelled.
I had to sometimes wash them 2 times.
And it was LOUD.
I have a top load kenmore elite and it is HUGE!