Curfew, you have one for a reason.

Over the weekend my teenage daughter thought that since she was at her dad’s house and he was away with the scouts camping that she would take advantage of the situation and stay out until 1 am in the morning.  WTF!?!?  I was pissed off when I heard all of this Sunday night upon her returning home. 

You want responsibilities then you best watch what you do and act accordingly.  Staying out until 1 am so you can make out with your boyfriend isn’t showing us that we can trust you.  Don’t look at me like an idiot, I know you were making out!  Remember I was 17 once as well BUT I may have been making out with the boyfriend of the week but I was home by 11 pm or I knew my life would be over just like yours is now.

Oh, you thought that saying you were sorry would cut it?  I think not!  Imagine how lonely and boring this weekend will be because you will be staying HOME.  Don’t worry I will keep you busy with a list of things to do!  Cause’ I’m good like that!

Seriously, 1 am?!?!?!?!?!?

*shaking head*

If you had been here and pulled that stunt I would have called the police about midnight and hoped that they would have been here when you dragged your butt home at almost 1 am.  Would that have taught you a lesson?

When you are given freedom it’s best to follow the rules instead of hang yourself with it. 

I’m okay now with it all because come this weekend I think we are going to start spring cleaning a bit early.  Hmmmm.

Parenting 101, repeat after me, I’m the BOSS!