Come on, vogue.
Let your body move to the music.

I’ve been dragging out all my Madonna music to jam out to even though the babies do not like her music which still makes me think that they were switched at the hospital because who couldn’t like MADONNA!?!?!?!?!    

*gasp, my heart be still*

I learned a few weeks ago that the pop diva will be on tour this year and the closest stop will be Charlotte in November for me soooooooooooo guess who’s going to get tickets to see her music genius idol in concert for the first time???????  I had wanted to go a few years back but I’d just had a baby and a trip to Atlanta wasn’t on my “to do” list. 

I’m totally excited about hearing all the songs and dancing my butt off!!! Yeah!!! 

So, Madonna, one Supermom to another Supermom, I am your biggest fan and I cannot wait to see you perform!    Oh, and yes I am your biggest fan! 

Next week tickets go on sale and I cannot wait!!!!  Yeah!!!  I heart Madonna!