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I'm so blessed.

Wordless Wednesday

Dream interrupted.

It is a slow process.

Unable to sleep so I thought I would blog.

Then it becomes Monday

And the Oscar goes to...

What's playing on my iPod.

Today has been a very nice day.

Everyone Matters

Give it 2 Me

Who's That Girl?


What's for dinner?

A letter to my daughter:

Vitamin D

Come on, vogue.
Let your body move to the music.

Supermom Speaks

Curfew, you have one for a reason.

Supermom takes a Sick Day

Princess Prissypants Party
at Momma Martha's

My Son is Amazing

Then it begins.

What did I just say?

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Valentine's Day

Prom Dress - Check

Rejection Letter Number One

I (insert F word with ING at the end) HATE my Bosch Washing Machine


Valentine’s Day Revisited

Wordless Wednesday

You just never know...

Make it happy, find it a home.

Who Makes You Smile?!

DIY Project in the Kitchen

What's for Dinner?

I've cried today

Where the hell is the snow?

I'm a Reader

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Supermom Celebrates!!!!

Wordless Wednesday