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I'm so blessed.

Out of the blue last year I was asked to help a local company set up a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, YouTube and such.  I'm so blessed to help this company!!  They make me so proud!  The past two days we've been working on a slide show to show the amazing work that Liberty Street Baggage does for those with special needs.  I want to share with you the finished project in hopes that you will share it with your fans!  Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and feel free to blog about this amazing MADE IN THE USA company.

Wordless Wednesday

In eleven days this beautiful sweet lovely girl will be seven and YES SHE IS counting down the days every day!  Probably twice a day she lets us know how many days until her birthday and party.  Which happen to be the same day!  Imagine that! 

Dream interrupted.

In the early hours of morning I was having a nice dream but then the dream started to get strange. 

I guess Sophie licking my NOSE in real life had part in things getting all fuzzy!  HA HA! 

It's not every day I wake up with a tongue in my nose!

It is a slow process.

The kitchen project is still going strong or rather slow but that’s okay.  I’m in no hurry and when you are getting all your help for free then I can handle it taking a bit longer.  The other day he came and sanded the spots he had fixed and did round two of fixing the spots and such. 

See all the dust?

Unable to sleep so I thought I would blog.

It’s Monday for only a few more minutes then it will be Tuesday.  Funny how that happens day after day.  I’m not even sure why I am up or what I want to blog about.  I need to start a list of things to blog about so I can randomly pick a topic for sleepless nights like this one.  Oh, wait!  I do that but there’s nothing on the list.  Perhaps I need to get you guys to send in random blogging topics for me to voice my opinion when I cannot sleep!  Now that’s a good idea.  So start emailing those suggestions to iheartsupermom@aol.com why don’t ya!?


The house is too quiet yet usually I’m wishing everyone would be quiet.  Never satisfied!  I think it’s that way for everyone.  I would be printing some cover letters and my manuscript right now but I don’t want to wake the six people (seven if you count the dog) that are sleeping in the house.  So, I’m sitting here in good ole reliable fuzzy typing.

Speaking of good ole reliable fuzzy, my friend Marian wants me to auction fuzzy off for charity! 
*gasp* Get rid of fuzzy?  How would I survive?  What would I wear to take the kids to school?  That’s just crazy talk on her part! 


Night night Supermom junkies.  Sweet Dreams.

And the Oscar goes to...

I'm gearing up for the Oscars tonight.  All the beautiful dresses and the long speeches!!!  YAY!!!  Bring it on!!!!

Once I get the kids to bed I'm grabbing the peanut butter cups and hogging the couch! 

Scoot over Superdad!!!

What's playing on my iPod.

Today has been a very nice day.

Me hiding from the camera
I was able to spend some quality time with my teenage daughter looking for the rest of her prom things.  It started out with coffee downtown as we just chatted with each other about life and breaking her curfew.    I also broke it to her gently that my blog post about her curfew happened to make it into the Mountain Express.    She said that she was used to people knowing things about her since I happen to blog about every move that she makes. 

To clarify, I don’t blog about every move that she makes just the funny moves that she makes!

*smile*  As we headed to the Mall we were holding hands and she asked me if I was upset that she is getting older.  My response was what any mothers would have been, “I just hope that I have been a good mother to you, like you have deserved.”  This conversation left us both crying. 

I am very proud of my daughter and the young woman that she has become.  She’s amazing.  She really is amazing.  I know that where ever her life leads her she will be amazing at it.  I am saddened to know that she will be graduating high school this year because to me she will always be my baby.   I am very proud of her.  We all are. 

Everyone Matters

Last week I went to Earth Fare to get our groceries and I see a familiar face of someone that I see often around Asheville.  If you live here then you know exactly who I’m talking about.  She’s an older woman, blond straight hair that will play her guitar and sing around town.  I always enjoy hearing her when I venture out of the house and today for some odd reason I wanted to reach out.

After getting my groceries she was still playing there to the side with a puppy on a leash as I’m fumbling in my purse to find some money for her jar and I walk over.  I told her that I really enjoy seeing her around town when I go somewhere and she smiled at me, the most beautiful smile I think I’ve ever seen and tells me how much she appreciated me telling her that.

I couldn’t help but let a tear slide down my cheek as I walked to my minivan with Baby M.

It’s odd how you can see someone over the years and enjoy knowing that they are out there but then to speak to them, afraid that it might break some sort of spell, and totally think that they are amazing.

Her smile made my day brighter and I cannot wait to see her again.  Everyone matters and she matters to me.

Give it 2 Me

I've been listening to all MADONNA!!!!!  I've got one baby asking to hear her music and one that doesn't like it.  I swear that she was switched at birth!!!!

I will make her a FAN just you wait and see.

Who's That Girl?

Greatest thing about being a mother:
There are so many great things about being a mother. I have 4 great children and they have taught me so much about life and the woman/mom I want to be.   Since I can no longer have children, mine seem to be growing up way to fast.  My oldest will start college this year and my youngest will be four.    The greatest thing about being a mother is all the kisses and hugs!  Oh, and the dirty laundry and feeling like a short order cook. 

My kids love to:
H loves to talk on the phone and play on Facebook and go out with yucky boys.  B2 loves to play on his iPod, Facebook and is active in scouts. Lil O loves to pretend play, read books, play outside, work puzzles and play with playdoh. Baby M likes to torture her older sister Lil O.  Priorities!

Great places to vacation:
Beach.  I want sand and sun!

Yes.  One dog.  My fifth child.


I opened a bottle of wine yesterday that has been in my kitchen ever since I helped in the BMW shoot last year and I’m just now opening it, it was sent as a gift.  I’ve rather been enjoying it!  HA HA!!!  Don’t judge me, I do have four kids, if I didn’t drink then there would be something wrong with me.  My friend told me that so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

So, we are in the kitchen talking about life and we’re laughing having a good time when my husband is all happy that this year I will have been married to him longer than my first husband and I couldn’t remember how long we’d been married!!!  I really couldn’t remember or do the math.  He’s teasing me along with hormonal teenager and I’m all red from laughing!  *slightly intoxicated*

He said it’s like when you have children the first one gets all the videos, baby books and pictures and then the second child may get a few videos and pics and you’re trying to remember how to fill out their baby book while they are in high school and then the third and fourth child are just lucky to have a few pics! 

It’s the same with husbands.  The first one you remember every single detail.  First date.  First kiss.  First time you jumped in the sack.  Ha ha.  The second husband gets all that too but your wife just cannot remember how long you’ve been married; is that really so bad? 

He mentioned that my third husband was going to have a hard time!  Ha ha.

Okay okay, this year we will celebrate being married 6 7 8 years.  I’M KIDDING SUPERDAD!!!  We’ve been together like 10 years though, right?  Or is that 11?  I’m sorry I’m shit when it comes to numbers.

HEY, at least I remember our anniversary.  Yes, it is the day after my birthday but that doesn’t help me remember at all.  Ha ha. 

We’re having too much fun tonight! 

What's for dinner?

WOW, three posts today! I'm on a roll!!!! Does this mean I can take a blog vacation next week?

Avocados, mangos, onion, salt, garlic and dried basil from my garden.

A letter to my daughter:

Dear Baby M,

I know you love to change clothes like a million times a day!  Really, I understand and know that it is a girl thing and I get it.

BUT, for the love of everything holy, please STOP!

I love you,

Vitamin D

I just came inside to fix lunch for Baby M with the dirtiest hands ever!!  This weather is killing me!!!  I’m dreaming of snow while it reaches temps like 71 and I’m digging in the dirt wanting to plant flowers and herbs and veggies!!!  This just isn’t fair!!

Am I asking for too much?  SNOW?!?!?!?  You know that fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky in the WINTER?  This mountain girl wants some snow or else I’ll have to move to a colder state!  Like Colorado!  Ha ha.  Now, you know that I wouldn’t do that because secretly I desire to live at the beach when the kids get older and they don’t need me anymore. 

I was walking around outside listening to my iPod, Matt Hales, just looking up at the blue sky feeling the sun rays warm my face.  It was very nice.  Add Baby M laughing and Sophie barking then you have a moment in my life.

Quiet moments are hard to come by for me because I have so many responsibilities as Supermom.   At times I long to just be Michelle without super powers!  I told someone the other day that I hope to be sane one day but then I’d be afraid that I wouldn’t be fun anymore. 

I’m rambling.  Forgive me.  This weather is confusing me.  Or it could be the lack of sleep.  Or both.

Enjoy your day folks!  Make the most of it. 

Tell me something fun that you did today!  I’d love to hear.

Come on, vogue.
Let your body move to the music.

I’ve been dragging out all my Madonna music to jam out to even though the babies do not like her music which still makes me think that they were switched at the hospital because who couldn’t like MADONNA!?!?!?!?!    

*gasp, my heart be still*

I learned a few weeks ago that the pop diva will be on tour this year and the closest stop will be Charlotte in November for me soooooooooooo guess who’s going to get tickets to see her music genius idol in concert for the first time???????  I had wanted to go a few years back but I’d just had a baby and a trip to Atlanta wasn’t on my “to do” list. 

I’m totally excited about hearing all the songs and dancing my butt off!!! Yeah!!! 

So, Madonna, one Supermom to another Supermom, I am your biggest fan and I cannot wait to see you perform!    Oh, and yes I am your biggest fan! 

Next week tickets go on sale and I cannot wait!!!!  Yeah!!!  I heart Madonna!

Supermom Speaks

It's been a lovely morning.  I got out of the house and out and about Asheville.  Worked some at Liberty Street Baggage.  Now, I'm home sweet home and wanted to shoot a video for Wordless Wednesday since I'm not feeling so wordless after all. 

Go like these Facebook Pages:

Liberty Street Baggage
Jewels that Dance
Parker Legwear

Curfew, you have one for a reason.

Over the weekend my teenage daughter thought that since she was at her dad’s house and he was away with the scouts camping that she would take advantage of the situation and stay out until 1 am in the morning.  WTF!?!?  I was pissed off when I heard all of this Sunday night upon her returning home. 

You want responsibilities then you best watch what you do and act accordingly.  Staying out until 1 am so you can make out with your boyfriend isn’t showing us that we can trust you.  Don’t look at me like an idiot, I know you were making out!  Remember I was 17 once as well BUT I may have been making out with the boyfriend of the week but I was home by 11 pm or I knew my life would be over just like yours is now.

Oh, you thought that saying you were sorry would cut it?  I think not!  Imagine how lonely and boring this weekend will be because you will be staying HOME.  Don’t worry I will keep you busy with a list of things to do!  Cause’ I’m good like that!

Seriously, 1 am?!?!?!?!?!?

Supermom takes a Sick Day

This is how I feel today.

Don't expect much from me cause you ain't getting anything. 

See you tomorrow Supermom junkies.


Princess Prissypants Party
at Momma Martha's

Me with Princess Prissypants!
Yesterday I was super excited to be able to attend the Princess Prissypants Party as a guest judge.

Momma Martha’s, an independent baby and children’s boutique located in the Biltmore Square Mall is hosting a Princess Prissypants Party on Saturday, February 18th, 2012. The party will begin at 2:00 with a reading of Princess Prissypants Wishes the World Pink by Charlotte area author Ashley Putnam Evans, followed by a book signing and Best Dressed Princess contest with local celebrity judges.

It was a wonderful event and a lot turned out!  There were so many pretty princesses that it made being a judge very difficult!!!  I hope that everyone that was able to attend had a wonderful time because I know that I did!  

Maybe next time I will dress up as a pretty princess.  :)

My Son is Amazing

This week I get this email that made me cry.  I know I’m an emotional wreck these days but this email was very touching and was cry worthy! 

Teacher’s Name and Teacher’s Name 8th grade Language Arts classes at School Name have been studying the Holocaust and World War II. In our study we have been trying to determine what makes a hero. In fact, our big question is “Who is a Hero?” As our unit comes to a close, students have been assigned a project in which they must identify heroes in our community…and one of our students has chosen YOU!

 Part of the assignment is for students to interview their “hero” and compare character traits of modern day heroes with heroes of the past. Please answer the interview questions below and attach a picture (JPEG) to your response. Our students will need your reply by February 20th in order to complete our project on time. Thank you for being willing to help our students…and thank you for being a hero.

Please answer the following question in your reply: What have you done to impact others in a positive way?

 -Signed by My Son

Then it begins.

Yesterday we had a parent teacher conference at Lil O's school and we had Baby M with us so for the conference they both stayed in after care for an hour.  When we returned to get them they had been playing with two boys outside and Lil O had been chasing them around the play yard and Baby M tells the teacher, "Lil O gets all the boys." 

Where the heck did that come from???????

I'm still laughing over this one.  Kids are cool.  Everyone should have one, two or four!

What did I just say?

This is a phrase often said to kids in the house and you know they are thinking, “Don’t you remember what you said?”  When in fact you want them to actually listen with their ears,  think about what you told them, and actually do it!!!  Like STOP RUNNING, GO CLEAN YOU YOUR ROOM, TAKE THE TRASH OUT, WALK THE DOG, UNLOAD THE DISHWASHER, PICK UP THE TOYS.  Then of course they will ignore you and keep doing what they are doing which will then irritate the crap out of you then you say these words,

“What did I just say?”

It’s a never ending cycle that I’m tired of battling it almost every day with four kids in the house.  Recently the two smaller children had been asked for a solid two days to clean up their play area because I wanted to vacuum.  Vacuuming day comes and there’s still a huge mess with no kid helping pick up.  So, I grabbed out a garbage bag and started filling it up and when it was full I tied a knot in the bag and threw it down the basement stairs for all to see!

I won’t throw them away but they don’t know that and perhaps a week or two without those toys will make them KNOW that MOM is SERIOUS when she TELLS us to do something. 

Wordless Wednesday

My sweet sweet Sophie.

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm one of those parents that do cheesy things for their kids.  I put notes in book bags, lunch boxes and in notebooks just for fun!  So, this morning I wanted to make Lil O's lunch extra special so I took some food coloring and a cookie cutter and added a heart to her sandwich. 

The heart cookie cutter is extra special to me because they were handed out at my BFF Mary Jane's wedding to all the guests.  You never know when you might need a heart cookie cutter!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  May it be filled with love and happiness. 

Prom Dress - Check

I was worried at first that prom dress shopping was going to take MONTHS and cause a lot of stress and anxiety but I was wrong.  Saturday we set out in the snowy weather to hit David’s Bridal to check out the fancy dresses that they have just for prom.  There were some beautiful dresses that brought back memories when I went to prom.  It was exciting.  Finding the perfect dress, finding the perfect shoes, finding the perfect accessories and of course finding the perfect clutch for prom!

We did it!  In like an hour!  They instructed us to find three dresses to try on and then go from there.  I’m proud to say that the third dress was “the one”.  Whew, wiping brow, I really dodged a bullet with that one!  Ha ha

I have pictures of my crazy beautiful teenager in the dress but I don’t want to spoil it so I will just post the pictures from their site!  We will have to have it altered and find all the other assorted things but that will be easy since we already have the dress!!!

The thing is now I want to go to prom!  I think there should be an adult prom that I can get all dolled up for!!! 

Who’s with me?

I (insert F word with ING at the end) HATE my Bosch Washing Machine

There's always been something going on with my washing machine and after today I HATE IT!!!  HATE IT!!!!  Superdad better hurry home before I take a sledgehammer to it!!!!

Post 1

Post 2

Today it WILL NOT get the water out of the clothes!  I've checked and there's nothing backing the water up!  This is the last time I'm going to try and wash this load (FOR THE THIRD TIME) before I go berserk and since my sanity is being pushed to the limit already, I'm going to beat the crap out of the washing machine!

Study Says Media Multi-tasking May Hurt Girls’ Social Skills

Photo Credit: Discovery Girls Inc.
I can relate to this article because I have two teens in the house and this is something that we've discussed before.

Technology is a HUGE part of our lives—and it’s here to stay. That’s why it’s important that we all understand the results of the Stanford University study that was conducted with the help of Discovery Girls’ readers.

The researchers, led by Clifford Nass, a professor of communication, and education professor Roy Pea, surveyed 3,461 Discovery Girls’ readers ages 8 to 12 about their electronic diversions and their social and emotional lives.

"The results were upsetting, disturbing, scary," Nass said. (Click here to read the entire article on the study.) The girls' answers showed that multitasking and spending many hours watching videos and using online communication were statistically associated with a series of negative experiences:


I’m no stranger to anxiety and depression since it’s something I’ve been dealing with for over thirteen years.  It all came out after the birth of my second child and I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on.  I ended up at my doctor’s office during the week at 7pm pouring my heart out to him.  I was put on medications and sent home.  Turned out that medication wasn’t the one for me and I had to try another one.  To work out my anxiety I would clean, it was like a drug to me.  Anxiety always meant cleaning to me and it still does. 

I cannot explain it.

In these past thirteen years I’ve been on and off medications several times.  Most recently it was after Baby M when the postpartum set in.  I never want to go back there.  It’s a very scary feeling.  I’m very lucky to have a family that understands I have these hard times and they are very supportive.  I’m also very honest with my children when I don’t feel well.  I think it’s important for them to know that mommy is sad but it’s not anything that they did, it’s just how mommy feels at a certain moment.

Valentine’s Day Revisited

Picture from Real Simple
Yes, it’s that time again where you confess your undying love to those around you by giving them a card, some flowers and jewelry if your extra lucky.  Ha ha.  This is also the day that men dread all year long.  Boyfriends and husbands start to shake in their undies when February 1 comes along and their significant other starts throwing out hints that Valentine’s Day is near.  I bet their palms start to sweat and they just know that they are going to screw up.

Remember when things were much simpler?  You would decorate a box at school or make a big heart envelope that was taped to your desk and on Valentine’s Day you’d get Care Bears, Scooby-Doo, He Man, My Little Pony cards with candy attached.  Ahhhh, good times.   I can remember sitting at home for days reading my cards over and over again. 

You just never know...

Recently we, as in ME, embarked on the notion to give the kitchen a make-over since our house turns 60 this year.  I've been working on getting the paint off of the cabinets and counter tops thanks to previous owners going all paint happy when they painted without taping the place up!  It's been discouraging to me.  Also another thing that's been discouraging to me is finding the perfect color for the room.  Maybe difficult is a better word.  I want a warm pumpkin color and even bought a sample on Sunday but it's totally wrong.  It's got more peach in it and sooo not the color I had in mind.

Make it happy, find it a home.

If you know me then you personally know I am sort of an OCD clean freak.  Don't gasp in shock because you should already know this about me.

I have a motto. "Make it happy, find it a home." My kids know this very well.

I detest clutter!! I like things at a minimum. I guess I am trying to say is that I am not a whatknot kind of gal. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The first room I am going to tackle is the bathroom. Also known as "The Library" or "The Ladies Room". Any bathroom. Yours. The kids. The guest. Whatever! If it has a potty then you need to continue reading!

Or as Al Bundy use to say, "Quiet oasis from woman and camels."

The bathroom is my quiet oasis from the kids. I often find myself hiding in my bathroom imagining I on an island drinking vodka martinis. Sometimes I am with 007 and sometimes I am with David Muir. Maybe even Justin Timberlake if I want to get all wild and crazy. I tease!! Really I do. Who has time to imagine that stuff anyway? My mind is on what I will cook for dinner and if there are clothes to fold. You know what I mean?

Who Makes You Smile?!

TopDentists.com wants to know!

Enter a photo of the person who makes you smile and have your friends vote for your chance to win!

The grand prize is a teeth whitening session in NYC with one of our Top Dentists plus all expense paid trip, $1,000 in spending money and photo session for you and your guest. There are also daily teeth whitening kits from Love That White Smile and chances to win teeth whitenings in Aventura FL, Austin TX, Beverly Hills CA, Philadelphia PA, and Troy MI from our Top Dentists in those ares!

All the details can be found here on Top Dentists.

Contest ends Feb 24th..Enter Now!

**I was paid to post this contest on The Adventures of Supermom.**

DIY Project in the Kitchen

Today I've been working nonstop in the kitchen since we are working on doing a slight make-over in there. I've taken some mess pictures and even a video. Here you go:

Paint flakes.

What's for Dinner?

The other day I put this beautiful roast in my George Foreman Smart Kitchen Multicooker with bay leaves and a lot of the Crazy Salt mix.  I first browned the roast on both sides then added enough water to cover the roast.


After is was falling apart and so tender I used tongs to removed it from the pot and placed in on a plate to cool.  In the mean time I had chopped up 2-3 onions.  I poured the juice from the multicooker out and threw in the onions and olive oil to cook them until they were tender.  I then pulled apart the meat and added it back to to the cooker along with more Crazy Salt and olive oil.  I put the cooker on warm until we were ready to eat.  When I plated I added this amazing organic cheese, shredded, that we always have in the fridge!

I've cried today

**As you start to read this post you will start to think that Sophie died this morning but she didn't.  However, I'm going to start calling her Lucky.**

Our beautiful loving dog Sophie turned one yesterday and we celebrated by singing to her, giving her a new bully stick and a bag of new treats for the girls to give her.  We were all happy about our beautiful Soph having a birthday.  Soph is what we mostly call her, it sounds like sofa with adding the a sound at the end. 

Soph loves to ride in the minivan when we make the short drive to Lil O's school in the morning and I'm happy to let her join in on the ride.  She even has her own doggy car seat to keep her safe.

Where the hell is the snow?

Yes, I’m complaining about the unusual winter weather here in Asheville.  Instead of snowy nights and school cancellations we have flowers blooming and kids wearing shorts.  I’m upset about all this!  For one, I think if the bad weather does come after all this warm weather then a lot of crops will be ruined and then I think about all the bugs that will come with spring and summer since it wasn’t cold enough to thin them down a bit.

I went back the other day to look at the big beautiful snow that we got last winter at Christmas time and it was awesome.  Yes, it caused a lot of havoc and shut off a lot of power but isn’t that what winter is about??

Winter is supposed to mean a fire in the fireplace, skiing at the resorts, letting the kids sled down massive hills and make snow angels in the front yard?   Instead I’m seeing flowers bloom and hearing kids playing outside in the neighborhood.  What’s up with that?  Yes, I know that Phil saw his shadow yesterday so that means six more weeks of winter.  BIG DEAL!  It’s practically spring weather here so what’s six more weeks of this?? 

I WANT S. N. O. W.

A.  L. O. T.  O. F.  I. T.

Is that so wrong since it is February 3 and we’ve had ZERO SNOW!!  I live in the mountains and I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some white flakes falling from the sky and it be cold enough to wear a big old heavy coat!  I leave you with one word,


I'm a Reader

So, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to read a book a month and I succeeded for January.  Not only did I read ONE book but I read TWO!!!!!  I’m awesome like that.  Ha ha.  I don’t know how I fit it into my busy schedule but I did it.  I did however read in the bathtub, in line at school and neglect my kids to finish the books.  Nahh, I’m joking, I didn’t neglect the kids too bad.  At least I don’t think they will be scarred for life. 

If anything, I taught them that reading is good!  Reading is awesome!  Read any chance you get!  Anyway, that’s what take-out is for.  I TEASE!  Or do I?

Okay, so for January I read The Bungalow by Sarah Mitchell Jio and Silent Partner by Stephen Frey.  I just handed the books over to my friend Jen last night at GNO so that she can enjoy them.  Currently I’m reading a book that Jen loaned me to start off my reading for February.  It’s The Pact by Jodi Picoult and I’m finding it very interesting at the moment.  My teenage daughter has read some of her books but I haven’t until now. 

Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm a reader.

What are you reading?

Happy Birthday Sophie!