This is where I take the time to blog.

A beautiful day in Asheville.
Life has been crazy and I’ve only been around on Facebook these days because it’s easier to throw up an update than to actually sit down and type up a blog post.  Yeah, I could shoot a video but that would require me to actually care what I look like.  Sure, I could fix myself from the waist up but what fun would that be and think of the time it would take.  Might as well get all the way dressed and shoot a proper video.

But no, you get this typed up version about my life the past few days. 

I injured myself thanks to some dress-up clothes in the floor.  Who knew those pesky lil things were so slippery?  So, Supermom slips on Princess Dress and injures herself.   It really wasn’t headline news so that’s why you didn’t have to read all about it.  I caught myself on the wall instead of hitting the floor.  I’m sure hitting the floor would have been worse but the pain from using my arm to beak my fall wasn’t as pain free as I had hoped.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday I was just lying around unable to really use my left arm.  I took some hot baths, had Superdad rub me down with Bio Freeze and loved on the heating pad.   Not a bad weekend minus the pain and all.

Today I’m feeling much better.  It’s still sore but nothing some ibuprofen couldn’t handle.  I am after all Supermom.  Geesh, I about forgot that. 

Today at Liberty Street Baggage we were able to meet with someone from the BIANC about their Walk & Roll-athon in April in Asheville.  We are excited to sponsor someone that I know and went to high school with and we are going to set up a booth with our awesome Smart-Pack Sacs!!!  We are going to give a portion of what’s sold to the Walk & Roll-athon!!!  EXCITING!!!!  ALSO, I made a short clip, like very short, fifteen seconds for Liberty Street Baggage for a special promotion that Staples is doing!  Please please please go like this video for us!  It would be amazing if LSB won because it would get the word out about this amazing company and help so many people!

Click HERE for the video and please vote and pass us around to all your friends!!!! 

Tomorrow I will be at The Hop on Merrimon for 1/2 off caffeine from 11-noon if you want to stop by /and say hello!  I love The Hop and I love coffee!  A win win situation.

I also have reason to celebrate tomorrow!  You’ll have to wait until then to know why!