Omgosh. Like totally. I know, right?

It was pretty comical today listening to two teenage girls talk in the backseat of my minivan.  I know, right?  Was I really like that as a teenager??  *nodding*  Why, yes I was!  I was like that and worse.  Like 100 times worse!  Now that I’m older I look back and will think “WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I DOING?” and I’m so lucky that I didn’t get into trouble or find myself in danger.

I guess that’s why I’m so strict on Hormonal Teenager is because I know what I was doing all those years ago and I’m not going to let her have the time to find herself doing some of the same things I was doing.

Not that I was really doing anything that bad……  *cough cough*

So, my house have been taken over by five children.  Yes.  One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.  *nodding*  They are watching Mega Mind as I hide sit at my desk trying to type a blog post.  I really have nothing to say but I wanted to post something for my fans cause I wuv you so much. 

Today I got some Justin Love on YouTube.  Check him and subscribe to him because he makes me laugh.  Like laugh a lot.  Totally!  Plus, he’s easy on the eyes!  He wanted me to adopt him but I don’t think he’ll fit in my wrap!  HA HA!!  I’d introduce him to my daughter but he’s a bit older than her and it would never work cause like, omgosh, totally too old.  I know, right?

Oh, to be a teen again!