Life is an adventure.

Hilton Head, SC 2011
Recently a lot of funny things have been happening around here, maybe not funny but things that are fun!  Here’s a recap.  See, I’m not that boring after all.  :)

My sister came over Friday afternoon and we had a blast!  We were playing dress up with the girls and danced all over the house!  It was a blast!!  We even played Yahtzee !!!  *laughing*  The girls were in charge of the tunes and they had us doing the Cha Cha and other assorted songs that I remember hearing at the skating ring many moons ago!  Then they were on a Pat Benatar kick and then I started playing Madonna, like Vogue, 4 Minutes and Like a Virgin!  Ha ha.  At one point Superdad came upstairs thinking we were doing aerobics or something! 

Saturday started off me with whipping up some homemade waffles for everyone!  It was a new recipe and they were YUMMY!!!  I will be making those again because they are easy and taste better than the organic mix that I had been using all these years.  I think I even read in the instructions that you can make the mix and leave it in the fridge and use all through the week.  Sounds like a good thing for school days!  **Note to self, make mix and put in fridge for kids this week.**

My nieces brought over some of their Christmas toys so I was able to relive some happy childhood memories with Lite-Brite and the Barbie head, where you fix her hair!  I was like a kid at Christmas.  (The Barbie head is sitting right beside me and when I finish typing this up I’m going to give her a new look.)   I was a huge Barbie freak when I was a little and bigger girl.  My Mamaw bought me every Barbie that was made and I would play for hours!  I still have my Barbie and the Rockers and my Jem and the Holograms!  Remember those???  She would even make me Barbie clothes!  I remember this pink fuzzy fur jacket that she sewed for me!  My Mamaw is awesome!  She spoiled me and now she spoils my kids.  I’m so glad that they have this wonderful chance with her like I did growing up. 

Saturday also had the usual boring domestic stuff like grocery shopping, going to the pharmacy and doing laundry, nothing to really write about.  Lil O did go to a birthday party of a little girl that goes to her school and she really had a lovely time!  That makes me happy because Lil O is a shy girl and very timid at times.  It’s nice to get her out of her comfort zone and know she’s having a good time! 

Last night I went to bed early with my Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and kept reading the prayer over and over again, letting it sink it.  I am not a perfect woman but I never claimed to be.  I know right from wrong and I work very hard in following the right path in any decision that I make.  Trust me, the woman that you may think I am from reading this blog and by following my Facebook isn’t the woman that I am in real life.  My blog and Facebook is just a funnier version of the boring woman who is basically a shut-in.

I don’t get out of my comfort zone that much unless I’m dragged out by my friends.  Mostly Anna and Vanessa do this and I appreciate them for doing it because I need it and they must know that too.  Yes, we may go out and eat an expensive meal and drink alcohol but we are never irresponsible.  We are consenting adults and we cannot help it that we know how to have a good time.  Ha ha.

I guess all of this is coming from a recent hurt that I’ve been going through.  I will not be judged by anyone and if you feel the need to judge me then that’s your choice.  I am who I am and personally I love who I am.  I’m not perfect but no one is and if you think you are then there’s your problem. 

So, I’m going to continue to be Michelle, mom of four, wife of Superdad, and that crazy mom blogger who has a lot of fun (when I get out of the house or discover tequila)!  What are you going to continue to be?