An empowering DIY moment.

The other day the notion of changing the kitchen a bit has been in my mind.  Then yesterday I took that step to tell Superdad that I wanted to make some changes in our kitchen. Our house turns 60 this year and the kitchen needs a make-over.  Superdad agrees but we don’t have all this extra cash to do a major make-over but I believe a few things can be done to improve the appearance that wouldn’t break the bank.

Here are a few pics to show you some of the things I want to change.  The color for one, in the kitchen, is a light institutional green that’s cold.  I want a warm color to be used but it will have to be a light color since the room is small.  I thought about a pretty warm light pumpkin color because it would really go nice with the cabinets (that aren’t original to the house).  I had been thinking about changing the hardware on the doors to a brushed nickel but Superdad said it wouldn’t match.  IDK yet.  I may buy a knob and go from there. 

A pretty light warm color.  LOVE.

Just so happens that the yucky, broken ventilation fan in the kitchen is original to the house and the company no longer exists so we have to find just a plastic cover for now until we have time to search for an original, if we ever do.   The cover is broken and tied together, perhaps other owners tried to replace it and came to a brick wall like me but it took Superdad taking some paint thinner to find the name of the fan.  He’s crafty like that. 

I love roman shades and it would fit in perfect!

Last but not least I want to get a new blind for the kitchen.  If we go with a warm pumpkin color then I want to get a cream color blind so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Don’t even get me started on the appliances in the kitchen.  They came with the house!  Previous owners must have bought the cheapest and whitest appliances that were available.   Since changing them isn’t in the budget we will have to wait until the quit working (without me taking a sledgehammer to break them) to replace them that way!  Seriously, the fridge will leak and get moldy around the rim and I’m constantly cleaning it.  The eyes on the stove are uneven and my pots will sit uneven.  Ha ha.  Yes, it is that bad!  Oh, to have a nice appliances! 

It’s just a start but I can handle that.