Did you know that you can
live off one cup of coffee?

I really didn’t think that such a feat was possible without turning into a psychotic lunatic mumbling incoherently while drooling.  Yes, I did think it would be that bad!  I’m pretty much in shock that I’m able to still go and don’t have a raging caffeine headache but I’m wide awake (okay, just a bit sleepy) and no headache.  Knocking on wood.

I didn’t mean to cut back on my coffee by no means; I just didn’t crave it to fix it throughout the day.  I had my one cup this morning while the kids were getting ready for school and I was doing the finishing touches on lunches.  Later when I was thirsty I grabbed this product I’m currently reviewing (I will tell you about it later) and made myself a nice fruity drink to enjoy after vacuuming the house. 

So, I’ve only had one cup of coffee today and I’m pretty shocked about that since I usually have an IV drip going at times.  It’s kind of nice!  Does this mean that a busy mom of four children really doesn’t require coffee to survive? 

This changes all the rules!