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A beautiful day in Asheville.
Life has been crazy and I’ve only been around on Facebook these days because it’s easier to throw up an update than to actually sit down and type up a blog post.  Yeah, I could shoot a video but that would require me to actually care what I look like.  Sure, I could fix myself from the waist up but what fun would that be and think of the time it would take.  Might as well get all the way dressed and shoot a proper video.

But no, you get this typed up version about my life the past few days. 

I injured myself thanks to some dress-up clothes in the floor.  Who knew those pesky lil things were so slippery?  So, Supermom slips on Princess Dress and injures herself.   It really wasn’t headline news so that’s why you didn’t have to read all about it.  I caught myself on the wall instead of hitting the floor.  I’m sure hitting the floor would have been worse but the pain from using my arm to beak my fall wasn’t as pain free as I had hoped.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday I was just lying around unable to really use my left arm.  I took some hot baths, had Superdad rub me down with Bio Freeze and loved on the heating pad.   Not a bad weekend minus the pain and all.

Today I’m feeling much better.  It’s still sore but nothing some ibuprofen couldn’t handle.  I am after all Supermom.  Geesh, I about forgot that. 

Just Ducky Home Show at Lark Books in Asheville, North Carolina

Lark Books in Asheville, the best craft oriented publisher ever, is hosting a public Just Ducky Trunk Show at their space on

67 Broadway, Asheville, NC 28801 on Wednesday, February 8th from 5:30pm until 7:30pm

Come browse the Just Ducky Spring '12 line for babies, girls, and boys! Pick your garment, your fabric, and your embroidery pattern... and let Just Ducky do the work! Refreshments provided. Please RSVP to amanda@sterlingpublishing.com.

Here's the link to Lark's Facebook event.

Just Ducky just sent my babies two beautiful dresses so, of course, I'm going to have to pencil them in for that day!!!

Things you didn't think you'd
be saying as a parent.

If my 11 pm curfew was good enough for me (20 + years ago) it is good enough for you! Said to my teenage daughter who wants to go out tomorrow.


This morning the teenage daughter had on some pants that I didn't think were okay for school so I told her she couldn't wear them.

Her response, "REALLY?!?!?"

Mine, "REALLY?!?!?  I know, right???"

I'm totally cool and hip cause that's how I roll!


YAY!!!  Just for fun I’m celebrating today because this is post number 2264!!  Amazing!  *taking a bow*  Yeah, yeah, I could have waited until I reached 2300, 2500 or even 3000 but why?  I want to find reason to celebrate every single day of my life. 

So, today we celebrate post 2264!  I was thinking I could post 2264 things about me but I don’t think I could think of 2264 things to say about myself.   Honestly, I’m rather boring.  Hmmm, let’s see.  We could sing 2264 Bottles of Beer on the Wall or better yet 2265 Cups of Coffee that I drink!  But that would take entirely tooo much time and we’d eventually lose count and have to start over and NO ONE wants to start over when they are dealing with the number 2264. 

I could thank you, my fans, 2264 times for taking the time to read my blog!  That’s an idea!!!!!!  I think I will!

Thank you!!!!  Now add 2263 to that for me and I’ve thanked you 2264 times!

Enjoy your day everyone!!!!

Two Hours

I'm sure that you know how much of a time suck the computer/Internet can be!  You can think you’re there for a few minutes when it’s been actual hours!!  Know what I mean?  I know it’s a bit different for me since I work from my laptop but I’ve decided to cut back on my computer time.  I don’t have to answer emails right away and I can pace myself with reviews and blog posts. 

Then there’s Facebook, which has proven to cause more harm in friendships than anything.  I know this because my daughter was verbally (in text) attacked on Facebook over the weekend and it just proves how stupid people can be.  Facebook is a place for that.

I admit that I used to have a dummy account to look at the woman who used to “stalk” my blog all the time.  We even have had words.  Such childish behavior.  We are adults and should act accordingly.  So much so, that this morning I apologized to this woman for my behavior that I was an adult and will start acting like one.  I was teasing her, not really, about not visiting my blog so much though.  Ha ha.  I know that we will never be BFF’s but I have that off my conscience.   I want to treat people the way I want to be treated, with respect and love.

I'm cool like that...

I fixed Barbie's hair. 

Life is an adventure.

Hilton Head, SC 2011
Recently a lot of funny things have been happening around here, maybe not funny but things that are fun!  Here’s a recap.  See, I’m not that boring after all.  :)

My sister came over Friday afternoon and we had a blast!  We were playing dress up with the girls and danced all over the house!  It was a blast!!  We even played Yahtzee !!!  *laughing*  The girls were in charge of the tunes and they had us doing the Cha Cha and other assorted songs that I remember hearing at the skating ring many moons ago!  Then they were on a Pat Benatar kick and then I started playing Madonna, like Vogue, 4 Minutes and Like a Virgin!  Ha ha.  At one point Superdad came upstairs thinking we were doing aerobics or something! 

Saturday started off me with whipping up some homemade waffles for everyone!  It was a new recipe and they were YUMMY!!!  I will be making those again because they are easy and taste better than the organic mix that I had been using all these years.  I think I even read in the instructions that you can make the mix and leave it in the fridge and use all through the week.  Sounds like a good thing for school days!  **Note to self, make mix and put in fridge for kids this week.**

An empowering DIY moment.

The other day the notion of changing the kitchen a bit has been in my mind.  Then yesterday I took that step to tell Superdad that I wanted to make some changes in our kitchen. Our house turns 60 this year and the kitchen needs a make-over.  Superdad agrees but we don’t have all this extra cash to do a major make-over but I believe a few things can be done to improve the appearance that wouldn’t break the bank.

Here are a few pics to show you some of the things I want to change.  The color for one, in the kitchen, is a light institutional green that’s cold.  I want a warm color to be used but it will have to be a light color since the room is small.  I thought about a pretty warm light pumpkin color because it would really go nice with the cabinets (that aren’t original to the house).  I had been thinking about changing the hardware on the doors to a brushed nickel but Superdad said it wouldn’t match.  IDK yet.  I may buy a knob and go from there. 

Before and After

Taken this morning before heading to the mall.
Taken when we got home.


Supermom gets a hair cut.

After trying to let my hair grow since September I chose to cut my hair today at the mall. I'd like to personally thank Kris at Hair Plus for making me beautiful again. Ignore the background noise. Carolina is getting spanked. Sorry Superdad.

Omgosh. Like totally. I know, right?

It was pretty comical today listening to two teenage girls talk in the backseat of my minivan.  I know, right?  Was I really like that as a teenager??  *nodding*  Why, yes I was!  I was like that and worse.  Like 100 times worse!  Now that I’m older I look back and will think “WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I DOING?” and I’m so lucky that I didn’t get into trouble or find myself in danger.

I guess that’s why I’m so strict on Hormonal Teenager is because I know what I was doing all those years ago and I’m not going to let her have the time to find herself doing some of the same things I was doing.

Not that I was really doing anything that bad……  *cough cough*

So, my house have been taken over by five children.  Yes.  One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.  *nodding*  They are watching Mega Mind as I hide sit at my desk trying to type a blog post.  I really have nothing to say but I wanted to post something for my fans cause I wuv you so much. 

Today I got some Justin Love on YouTube.  Check him and subscribe to him because he makes me laugh.  Like laugh a lot.  Totally!  Plus, he’s easy on the eyes!  He wanted me to adopt him but I don’t think he’ll fit in my wrap!  HA HA!!  I’d introduce him to my daughter but he’s a bit older than her and it would never work cause like, omgosh, totally too old.  I know, right?

Oh, to be a teen again!

Future Bloggers

I found three videos on the camera card from where the babies were copying me doing their own vlog! I pieced them together so you can hear and see their craziness yourself! Kids are so cool and awesome!

Did you know that you can
live off one cup of coffee?

I really didn’t think that such a feat was possible without turning into a psychotic lunatic mumbling incoherently while drooling.  Yes, I did think it would be that bad!  I’m pretty much in shock that I’m able to still go and don’t have a raging caffeine headache but I’m wide awake (okay, just a bit sleepy) and no headache.  Knocking on wood.

I didn’t mean to cut back on my coffee by no means; I just didn’t crave it to fix it throughout the day.  I had my one cup this morning while the kids were getting ready for school and I was doing the finishing touches on lunches.  Later when I was thirsty I grabbed this product I’m currently reviewing (I will tell you about it later) and made myself a nice fruity drink to enjoy after vacuuming the house. 

So, I’ve only had one cup of coffee today and I’m pretty shocked about that since I usually have an IV drip going at times.  It’s kind of nice!  Does this mean that a busy mom of four children really doesn’t require coffee to survive? 

This changes all the rules! 

Remember that resolution
I told you about?

The one where I read a book a month!  I LOVE reading but have a hard time making the time with four kids, one husband, one dog and working so I made it a resolution!

I started my January book.  Feel free to read along with me if you like!

The Bungalow by Sarah Jio

It all happened because of my dream.

Here lately I’ve been going through some difficult things and have let the depression sink in because there was nothing else I could do.  Even though I have an amazing husband and loving friends and family I still just wanted to sink low into my craziness.

Then I had a dream.  A dream that had the most important man in my life in it, sadly he died over twenty years ago.  He doesn’t visit often but when he does I feel so much better.  I remember the dream just like it was real and happened!  I walked into the den and asked him for help.  He got up out of his chair and said, “I’m coming honey.”  Even though he’s been dead all these years the simple words from my Papaw made me feel better and I'm in a much better place. 

The power of dreams.

It’s been a nice weekend.  We’ve been relaxing and picking up.  Superdad and I have become addicted to a new game that I received for Christmas called Blokus.   We’ve been playing that a lot the past couple of days!  Superdad is ahead of me STILL!  I was even able to talk Baby M into letting me take the Christmas tree down since it’s been up since Thanksgiving Day!!!  I was ready to move into January and get out of the Christmas holiday spirit. 

Now, I’m going to get into the Blokus spirit and try to beat Superdad in a game.

I love The Hop

An unedited clip of some fun at The Hop this morning with Ashley and Michelle of The Adventures of Supermom.

I left it just the way it was because I love to hear us laughing!!!  I really wish I could have removed my big ole belly though!  ha ha

Come visit me on the first Wednesday of the month for 1/2 off CAFFEINE!!!!!!  We are a lot of fun as you can tell!

Wordless Wednesday

Baby M's imaginary friends.  She wanted me to take their picture.