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A Match Made in Heaven

Picture used from.http://www.countryliving.com
The other day I was going through the fridge trying to whip up something with the leftovers from Thanksgiving.  I ended up making some potato cakes with the leftover potatoes and they were delicious!!  They tasted even more delicious paired with heated honey ham and steamed broccoli.  The ham and potato cakes were perfect together.

Like beer and pizza, chocolate and peanut butter and bananas with almond butter!!!

I added cream, a lot of salt, shredded cheese, an egg, sprinkle of flour and an assortment of spices to the potatoes.  I don’t know exact measurements but I’m sure whatever you add will be awesome!
I used my griddle and cooked them with some olive oil. 

Finger licking good!  I think I’ll go make mashed potatoes just so I can make more potato cakes!

Wordless Wednesday

We have so much to be thankful for.

Kidfresh & City Harvest Fight Hunger for Children

Kidfresh, the New York-based Company that pioneered natural and wholesome meals for children, will donate 30 healthy, all-natural, vegetable-rich kids meals to City Harvest, the world's first food rescue organization dedicated to feeding the city's hungry men, women, and children for each new fan on Facebook in an effort to fight hunger for children in New York City.

Like Kidfresh on Facebook to donate 30 meals now: http://www.facebook.com/Kidfreshfoods (until December,15th)

"Today, there are 1.4 million New York City residents, including more than 400,000 children, living in households facing food insecurity(1). We cannot sit and do nothing while, right here in our community, one in five children don't know where their next meal will come from," said Matt Cohen, CEO and Founder of Kidfresh. “At Kidfresh, we are committed to helping children in need as much as we possibly can.”
The company will donate all six nutritious meals for kids: Totally Twisted Pasta & Meatballs, a pasta dish complete with meatballs and tomato sauce hiding a half cup of vegetables, Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese, an all-time kids favorite enriched with hidden carrots in a creamy cheese sauce as well as Spaghetti Loops Bolognese, Muy Cheesy Quesadillas, Rainbow Rice & Chicken and Easy Cheesy Ravioli.

For more information about Kidfresh meals, please visit http://www.kidfresh.com

Real Men Wear Twilight T-shirts

Real Men Wear Pink Twilight T-shirts

My son has a lot of black tees in his wardrobe and it's obvious that he doesn't look in the mirror when he gets ready for school!!!

Yesterday, he's running down the steps to the car so Superdad can take him to school and I see a flash of familiar silver when he is at the bottom of the steps.

I yell out, "What shirt are you wearing?"

It just so happens that my Team Edward shirt got in his basket and he had put in on by mistake but didn't realize it because obviously he didn't look in a mirror!

Just think of all the torment that would have been wearing my Twilight shirt to school.  It was all a wrestling match day so it would have been hilarious in a mean sort of way.

He was very glad that I noticed!!!  I bet he was!  I did tell him it would have made the girls wild, well the Team Edward ones at least. 

He can borrow it anytime!

I blame society
said tongue in cheek.

I just made a quick trip to the grocery store by the house for Brillo Pads, dishwasher tabs and yogurt.  We are an organic family so we don't usually shop at this store except for household needs and the Weight Watchers Yogurt that I LOVE!

Some how my arm was twisted for fruit flavored marshmallows, Fruit Loops Cereal, Nilla Wafers and the DVD Despicable Me. 

While in line checking out Baby M wants M & M's but I tell her, "No, you already have that crap cereal." 

Baby M, "When we get home I want that crap cereal."

I love her, she's awesome.

Stop and dance with me.

Disney's D-Lightful Living
Fun at Family Meals

Week 12: Fun at Family Meals

It's really important to make time to sit down with your family at dinner time because it allows you to talk about the day, enjoy yummy food and just be together.  We always enjoy dinner together in our house because it's the time that we can be together without the hustle and bustle of "doing" everything that needs to be done.  With my husband working and the kids in school we don't have a lot of time to be together but making this one meal "our meal" is very important and special for all of us.

Superdad has spoken.

Best Hair of 2011 possibly Best Hair Ever

Not the man in the blue sweater, that's Superdad, but the man walking in the maroon shirt.  Superdad LOVES his hair and was rather fascinated by it. 

Black Friday, YUCK!

Quoting my best friend Mary Jane,

"I choose sanity over saving a few bucks shopping on black Friday."

Please, I need your help.

I had the chance to learn more about World Vision and how they help so many in need, even right here in the USA.  Every time I look at their catalog I get all teary seeing the things, that we often forget about, that people need to survive.

From my Kichen, Prep Work

Acorn Squash roasted and then used to make a special recipe for Superdad to go along with his diet.


Thanksgiving 2008
Thanksgiving 2008
Shuck the beautiful ears of corn in my kitchen to make some delicious corn for our meal.

Cook and mash the sweet potatoes so tomorrow I can make a delicious crunchy pecan topping and bake it.

Make banana bread with almond flour for Superdad.

Bring up the Christmas decorations because the kids are decorating the tree after we eat tomorrow.

Be sure to give thanks for everything because I am so thankful.

What will you be doing to prepare for this wonderful Holiday?

Wordless Wednesday

Another reason why I love Walgreens!  This message is on their plastic bags.

Why am I craving these?

*skipping around*

Sort of, okay maybe not.  I'm on the couch crocheting on scarf #3.  I finished the second one last night and when Lil O gets home from school she can help add the fringe since it's for one of her teachers at school and then it will be finished.  I should have this third scarf finished this week depending on how much time I can put into it.

I love crocheting.  A lot. 

Disney's D-Lightful Living
Growing Stronger

Week 11: Growing Stronger

Your child is growing stronger and becoming more active. With this increased activity comes the inevitable playtime bumps and bruises. Come to the rescue the next time a boo-boo brings on the tears with the help of Disney–inspired products.

TODAY.com's Top Vegan Picks for Thanksgiving

A study conducted by The Vegetarian Times shows 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians and an additional 22.8 million follow a vegetarian-inclined diet.

With that in mind as we prepare for Thanksgiving, I wanted to pass along TODAY Food Editor Vidya Rao’s vegan/vegetarian holiday recipe picks that are sure to please any palate – veggie inclined or not – at your Thanksgiving table.

Who takes care of mom when she's sick?

I've been sick for two weeks now, two very long weeks.  I finally called the doctor the other day and he called in a fabulous script for coughing.  The script along with Anancin has made it bearable.  Thankfully Superdad has been a great big help.  The Super Kids have been a great big help.  My Mamaw has been a great big help.  My mother-in-law has been amazing help.

Everyone has pitched in and gotten kids from schools, brought over Sprite, brought food and called to offer comforting words.  It's been really nice to have so many people do whatever it takes to make me feel better.  I’ve actually taken a few days off from the laptop.  I’ve been too busy sleeping and watching NCIS marathons. 

Yes, I have a pile on my desk that needs to be done but I had to feel better before I could get any work done. 
So, tomorrow, I will catch up on work and get ready for my Thanksgiving meal.

What about you?  Are you cooking?  Baking a dish to take somewhere? 


Are you going Christmas shopping on Friday?

Supermom watched Breaking Dawn and now she’s going to blog about it.

**I watched the movie last night and now I want to talk about it.  This will have a lot of spoilers in it so if you don’t want to know then don’t read any more of this post.**

For years I joked about Twilight fans and their crazy senseless obsession with pale skinned vampires and hot boys morphing into wolves that spend most of their time without a shirt on.   Then I became one of those crazy fans that drool over young boys that I could very well be old enough to be their mother.  Okay, it would be a stretch if I was old enough to be their mom but it sure does feel wrong for me to day dream about their cool touch on my skin.  HA HA!  Yeah, I’m all about Edward while my teenage daughter is a huge Jacob fan.

See you Monday.

Cause that's how I roll.

I've been patiently waiting for Breaking Dawn to get here!!!  PATIENTLY!!!  Now, I cannot contain my excitement!!!  I bought tickets a week ago for this awesome event for the midnight showing!  Yes, I'm a Twilight Junkie! Team Edward all the way!!!! 

This morning I got up and took a shower and put on my Team Edward t-shirt as I kissed my tickets for tonight, okay I didn't kiss my tickets but I probably will before the night is up!  I've never wanted to see a movie so bad that I would buy midnight tickets to see it!!!  YAY!!

Right now I'm listening to the Breaking Dawn soundtrack as I get chill bumps!  The long awaited marriage between Edward and Bella, the honeymoon and the birth of a child!  How exciting!!  I hope that the movie doesn't disappoint me because I have it a certain way in my mind and it's spectacular in my vision!!  SPECTACULAR!!!

So, I cannot wait for midnight tonight!  I'll be sitting in a movie theater probably holding a tissue as I sit on the edge of my seat!!  Along with so many other people who are huge fans like me!

Who else is going tonight??????

Eat Pray Love

It's been a slow process of reading my book but I finally finished the Pray part of the book about her time at the Ashram.  It was very hard for me to read at times I guess since I'm on a spiritual mission myself.  I underlined a few parts and I want to share them with you.

Planning a Thanksgiving meal.

I just realized that Thanksgiving is next week and I haven't even thought about preparing for it.  Yikes!!  So, today I talked to my mother-in-law and we got it all figured out.  I had such a wonderful time preparing the Thanksgiving 2008 meal and it was a huge success so I look forward to this year.

We are going to order a nice turkey and ham that is already cooked and I'm going to make all the sides.  Sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, dressing, gravy, corn, deviled eggs, peas, rolls and pineapple casserole.  YUMMY!!!!  I cannot wait to celebrate this amazing holiday with my family and friends and be thankful for everything that we are so blessed with. 

What Thanksgiving plans do you have this year?  Are you going to cook or spend time with family?  Or both?

Twilight Fever

I've been sick and now I know what it is.  Twilight Fever!  I've been counting down the days until Breaking Dawn 1 comes out and I even bought tickets for the midnight show on Thursday!  I was trying to work today on my laptop when I cam across the trailer of Breaking Dawn and I got goose bumps watching and the anticipation of seeing the movie this week is very exciting.  I've read the books a couple of times and I've seen the past three movies too many times to count.

So, yes I am looking forward to the fourth installment of The Twilight Saga! 

I get these great Disney emails about new movies coming out and the greatest one just came to my email!!!  There is a new Muppets coming out on November 23 so they turned three characters into "Twilight" people.  It's awesome!!!!

The Muppet Saga

It's going to be really hard to look at Edward and Bella come Thursday night without seeing Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog!

Then I became the mother of two teenagers!

I'm sitting around today because Lil O is sick and home from school.  Which really isn't any different if she had been at school.  I'd still be sitting around working on my blogs, or updating Facebook, or networking on Twitter or browsing a site that someone told me about.  Oh, or I'm reading some smut on my favorite site ever!!!  We all have a favorite site!  Don't judge me for mine!  ha ha

Disney's D-Lightful Living
The Right Road to Treat Street

Week 10: The Right Road to Treat Street

We play.

Look what the girls found hiding in the closet! 

It was meant to be.

Last night I was sitting on the couch holding Sophie the Superdog like a baby in my arms while she slept and I just looked at how beautiful she was and then I thought about how much we all love her.   She came into our lives when I was going through a difficult time of having a hysterectomy and I know a lot of it was hormones talking but I wanted a puppy and I wanted it immediately.    My hysterectomy was February 1 and Sophie was born on February 2 so I know it was fate that brought us together.

I HEART Crocheting.

Working on second scarf.

So long, see you in the spring.

It’s that time of year where we give up shaving or at least I do anyway.  Every Winter I put the razor away until spring unless it’s a special occasion and I will be in a dress.  Sex doesn’t count as a special occasion because Superdad doesn’t mind the extra hair.  Ha ha

I don’t like shaving in the winter because it’s cold and I don’t like to bother with it.  I told Superdad that I was bringing the 70’s back and he just smiled.  He likes it and will admit it, I’m sure.

Does anyone else give up shaving in the colder months?

Crocheting a Scarf

I finished this scarf yesterday.

Edit Draft Medical ID Marketplace Offers a "Kiss" for the Troops NOW Through the Weekend.

“Kisses” for the Troops promotion that Medical ID Marketplace, a leader in awareness jewelry is running now through Sunday, November 13th.

Simple Instructions: Visit www.hopepaige.com – upon entering “Kiss123” at checkout and they’ll receive a FREE Hersey Kiss Necklace ($19.95 retail value).

This is a great way to honor the men and women who protect our country every day.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

**I wasn't paid to post this.**

I feel awesome!

Who knew that a simple bodily function would make me so happy?  Since I have been weaned off Xanax I’ve been having trouble resting or even feeling sleepy.  For about a week now I haven’t been resting at night and haven’t even felt the desire to go to bed.  I don’t even think I’ve yawned over all this time.

Until Yesterday!!!!

I was sitting on the couch with Baby M crocheting and I felt this sudden urge to take a nap.  I was actually sleepy and yawning!  It made me so happy so I took a quick thirty minute power nap before collecting Lil O from school. I never knew that yawning and feeling sleepy would be something that I would miss but I did!  I am so glad that my body is getting back into the swing of being off medication!

Christmas Ideas for your
Family and Friends

A couple of years ago I decided that I was going to give the family, besides the kids, gifts that were homemade.  A gift is to let someone know that you are thinking about them and that they are loved and you don’t have to spend a lot of money and go in debt to give everyone a small gift.

This year I already have my homemade gifts picked out and I’m working on getting them all finished and ready for the holidays.  I don’t want to go into details because my friends read this blog so I thought I would throw out some easy suggestions so you can think about making your gifts this year.

Now you know...

Things you can do when you are sick and have a very sore back.

~ watch Castle on DVR.

~ crochet on a scarf.

~ hold the couch down.

~ order Christmas presents online.

~ get more Christmas ideas online.

~ try to work on actual work.

~ not succeed on actual work.

Disney's D-Lightful Living
Age-Appropriate Beauty

Week 9, Age-Appropriate Beauty

Girls will be girls, which means sooner or later your little lady will want to begin experimenting with make-up.  Disney-inspired make-up offers magic and whimsy to inspire girls while offering safe, age-appropriate products moms can trust.

Time Management

I get asked from time to time about time management; finding enough to do it all.  I really don’t have a straight forward answer because I’ve had to learn myself what works best for my family.  I used to be a hard core clean freak nut until recently.   Now I can leave dirty dishes in the sink until morning, I can only vacuum ONCE a week (Friday) and I can ignore the dust on the furniture.  *shrug*  I had to let go of all this crazy insanity of wanting everything perfect Monday through Sunday.

I am the person that my dogs thinks I am.

This is my dog Sophie. 
She is a nine month old Yorkie Poo. 
Sophie was groomed today. 
Sophie adores me and I adore Sophie. 
She is Sophie the Superdog.

Yesterday wasn't a good day at all!!!

I've cut back on my medicine and yesterday was a bad bad day for me.  You never know how much your body may depend on a medicine until your body is no longer getting that certain medicine.  Take for example the Xanax I was using for anxiety.  Not having as much in my system makes for a really bad day/afternoon.  Thanks to the support of my loving husband, wonderful family and amazing friends I made it through the withdrawals of the lower dosage until I completely stop taking it. 

Join me TODAY at The Hop for 1/2 off caffeine!

Join me on November 2, 2011 for 1/2 off caffeine! 10% off other treats at The Hop on Merrimon starting at 11 until noon. This would be an awesome opportunity for moms and dads to talk and let the kids play. If you're up for it bring a tasty Thanksgiving recipe to share. I'm going to bring my Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe that you can easily make with your kids for Thanksgiving this year.

This event isn't just for the moms and dads in the area it's for all to attend. Come enjoy some much needed 1/2 off caffeine with me!

I'd be much obliged.

I entered a picture in the "It's Up To Me To Be Drug Free" campaign and voting starts today.

Vote for your favorite entry for the National Red Ribbon Contest. Select the photo that you feel best represents this year's theme: "It's Up To Me To Be Drug Free." The person whose photo has the most votes in each region will win an iPad2 and $1,000 for their K-12 school. Voting takes place from November 1st-November 15th.

The babies helping me out!

What your vote will do?  If the photo wins then a local Montessori School in Asheville will get $1000.00!  How cool is that?????????

If you want to help this school win such an awesome gift them you can vote HERE and then just look for the above picture to vote on. 

Note: Only 10 votes per person/IP address for a given entry per 24 hour period. If you are working at a school or place of business that shares IP address with many other people and you have reached your IP limit, go home and vote. Entries with suspicious voting activity will be disqualified.