The tale of the Easy Bake Oven.

I did all my Christmas shopping in November and I was so proud of myself finishing such a feat as that!  I was even more proud of myself for grabbing the last Easy Bake Oven on the shelf at Target on that Saturday morning while shopping with Superdad.  I was SUPER HAPPY ABOUT THAT because it’s all that Lil O has been asking for since seeing those stupid commercials on TV.  Commercials are plain EVIL and shown on purpose on cartoon networks!    So anyway….

Christmas Eve night while all the kids were in a slumber and I in my robe, set out to make Christmas dreams come true.  I got out my super-secret stash to put under the tree and realized that the Easy Bake Oven was funky looking.  It has been squashed or dropped, who knows and I was devastated!  Where could we go at midnight to find another Easy Bake Oven?!?!?   I was even thinking that Superdad could go grab a screw driver and a hammer and fix this thing!!!  No such luck but Superdad came up with a genius plan, let Santa leave a letter!

It went something like this, “My Dearest Olivia, after having too much eggnog I let the sexy sales lady at the mall drive the sleigh and your Easy Bake Oven fell off somewhere over the Bahamas.”  Ha ha.  No, it didn’t go like that at all!  Santa apologized to Olivia for dropping his bag and breaking her Easy Bake Oven and that her mommy and daddy were to take it back to Target because he’d made a few calls and they were going to give her a brand new one for the broken one.  She seemed to take it rather well because we all bragged and bragged about getting a letter from the big guy himself.  I’m not sure she’s buying it but I’m not going to ask!  Everyone wants to believe in Santa!  If you cannot believe and dream big then what else is there?

Today the stores opened back up and Superdad went on an Easy Bake Oven mission.  Checking online I knew that Target and Kmart were out of stock but Wal-Mart’s site was showing that they had some in stock!  YAY!!  Lil O got her working Easy Bake Oven today, and yes she’s already cooked with it.  Or I should say I’ve already cussed the makers of that plastic box with a light bulb!!! 

I thought it would be cute if Lil O surprised everyone with making dessert tonight so she could use her oven for the first (and hopefully last) time.  It was awful!!!  We were supposed to get 12 smaller than bite size cupcakes from the mix and we would have had the first batch not messed up in the oven because there was a dip and we couldn’t get the pan to enter the cooking chamber and cake mix was everywhere inside the opening. 

Looks easy enough.

First attempt.

Pretty Sprinkles

Second attempt from oven.

So we had a second attempt that yielded six cupcakes but we were only able to ice five because Lil O had been eating the icing!  Ha ha.  So for dessert we had crunchy red velvet cupcakes with strawberry icing with sprinkles.

And then there were five.

So, all in all the Easy Bake Oven was a pain in my behind and I hope that it's something that Lil O will want to use from time to time.


Anonymous said…
Awww...sounds like my experience when my now 18 year old was about 6! She got one for Christmas and baked a little cute chocolate cake which took about 50 She was so proud of it and ran to show Daddy who was to "try" it. Well, he didn't realize how long it took to bake that lightbulb cake and ate it in one bite!! My daughter never got over that and I was hoping they would stop making them as not to torture any other mom. Merry Christmas and love your blog! Mary in Florida
Michelle Lee said…
Thank you Mary in sunny Florida!

I wish I had consulted with you first about buying that THING!!!! I cannot believe he ate it in ONE BITE!!!! I bet she was upset! The oven cake with one cupcake mix and one cookie mix. CRINGE! Means I have to use it at least one more time!!! Unless, that cookie mix gets misplaced!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Michelle xoxox
KatieMay said…
The santavletter was a great idea! The things we do for our kids :)
Michelle Lee said…
Yes, the things we do for them.
ThatBrunette said…
We have the Queasy Bake Oven and have had the same issues. Once the batter rises, it can no longer fit through the exit. At least, with the Queasy Bake Oven, we can say that it's supposed to look that way. :-)