Supermom does a video that doesn't
have sex in it.

YAY, I'm back but I'm GrUmPy!  I'm inna mood because I cannot get some work done because my kids are stir crazy!  At least they are in the bedroom screaming so I can do this video and not bothering me.  I'm a crap parent!  ha ha

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Much love,

PS.  Justin, this ones for you!  Lets do a vid together but not one of those sex vids!  ha ha

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Aubury L. said…
you are not an awful parent we all have days like this and sometime we need to put our kids in the bedroom to get a little peace. Stay well and no matter how crappy you day is remember Gods in charge and hand it over to Him.
Michelle Lee said…
Thanks Aubury! :)