Revolutionary Road, hated it.

Why oh why did I do that to myself?  I was wide awake last night so I grabbed a movie from the cabinet to watch along with a bag of peanut butter cups.  I picked out Revolutionary Road to watch with Kate and Leo which surprised me because I thought they were all wrong for Titanic when that movie came out.  But I wasn’t consulted with about the choices so I didn’t have a say but I know that I could have picked two better people for the parts in Titanic.   **SPOILERS AHEAD, so turn away if you don’t want to know.**

Back to Revolutionary Road, it was just one train wreck after another over and over and over again.  With a young couple Frank and April trying to live with their two kids in the suburb, one doing a job that pays the bills and one that regrets becoming a mother because she couldn’t pursue her acting career.  So of course she blames him I suppose for buying the cute little house to raise their two children in. 

They argue like every other normal married couple, he has an affair with a secretary, how cliché BTW!  Then April comes up with an idea to change it all!!!!!  Move to Paris.  They begin to make all these big plans and they are extremely happy about the new adventure.  Until he gets a job promotion that, you can tell, he doesn’t want to turn down and whoopsie she gets pregnant for a third time after a hot and heavy session in the kitchen one night. 

April’s willing to abort the baby and Frank is just beside himself with everything.  So, he’s still messing with the secretary in the city and she’s wilting away at home because all her hopes and dreams of leaving Revolutionary Road are vanishing before her eyes.  She then ends up having an affair with one of their friend’s husband who happens to be madly in love with her. 

It take a totally insane man, thanks to shock treatments, to spell out the truth to them and it’s such an intense scene that I just cannot type out.  April runs off to the woods and Frank passes out drunk on the bed and when he wakes up he finds her in the kitchen making him a nice breakfast just like nothing had ever happened the night before.  It was rather unsettling because I knew something was up.  He goes off to work like any man supporting a family and then you see her fixing her things back from where he had thrown everything in the floor during the argument the night before.  She reaches in the back and you will assume it’s a gun and she’s going to commit suicide but instead it’s the rubber tubing she had bought at the drug store to abort her baby from home.  Very unsettling because you see her set up the scene by carrying hot water to the bathroom, lay down white towels and start to undress before she closes the bathroom door.

Then you see April slowly walking down the stairs to stand in front of the huge picture window as the camera pans out you can see a puddle of blood on the carpet and the back of her skirt drenched in blood then you can hear a faint call asking for help on the telephone.

Frank and Shep (the other man in love with April with whom she had an affair with) are in the hospital as they learn that their beloved April had died due to doing the abortion herself at home.

THAT WAS THE MOST DEPRESSING MOVIE EVER!!  I can never get that time back!!!  I also just threw away the DVD because it’s not worth having in the house.  

Just my two cents.


Mrs Furious said…
Interesting, Mr F & I both really liked this movie. We both thought it was well done and well acted. But we are both down with intensity. And depressing plot lines.
Michelle Lee said…
OMG MRS F!! I wanted to drink heavily after watching the movie!!!!!! I'm talking shots of alcohol to try and forget the movie!