One of these things is not like the other.

For a year or two I’ve been having this debate with Baby M and you’d think that since she is 3 1/2 that she would catch on.  But, sadly she hasn’t.  ha ha 

I’m pretty good at remember cups and which cup I give the kids during the day and then when a milk cup goes missing and cannot be found I know where to look.  HERE:

The play kitchen in the play area.  (This kitchen was H's and 15 years old!!!)

Sometimes it will have been in there a day or two and be YUCKY!!!  I try and try to explain that her fridge will not keep things cold and will make her milk sour!!!!  *shaking head*

My dream fridge!
I think it’s just being “lazy” and not wanting to stop playing to take it to the real fridge in the kitchen but then you’d think she’d know that her fridge isn’t cold but she doesn’t.

Perhaps one day I will stop finding sour milk cups in the play kitchen and in the real fridge in the kitchen.  I can dream, right?

Kids are so cool!  Everyone should have one or four!