Imaginary Friends

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Lately Baby M, who is 3 1/2 has two imaginary friends and their names are Stacy and Jack.  I’m not sure when Stacy and Jack appeared into our household but they are here now (not really taking up space or adding to my food budget).  I’m not worried about Baby M’s psychological well-being because I see imaginary friends as an awesome use of a child’s imagination!  How cool would it be to have these awesome people to talk to and play with!!?!?

I never had an imaginary friend growing up but after seeing Baby M with hers I wish I had of had one or two like she does.  I hear her talk to Stacy and Jack with such love because in her mind they are real people and they are playing with her. 

I threw the topic out on Facebook for so I could hear from other people and I got some amazing comments from parents that had kids with imaginary friends and from adults that had imaginary friends while growing up.  Are they really spirits??  Or are they all a figment of the imagination?  Or both?

I would bet that perhaps they could be a bit of both.  Stacy and Jack are so real to Baby M that she talks to them, and they play with her, and they travel with us when we go places.  Stacy and Jack are always polite and even ask their parents if they can play with Baby M at our house.   I will ask Baby M about them and know that they are brother and sister and they even argue with each other like other siblings.  They aren’t always here together so one will be at home and one will be here.  Baby M says that they are 24 but I don’t think she understands when I ask their age so I don’t think that’s accurate because of how they play together with the baby toys. 

I’m not worried about Stacy or Jack or even Baby M.  I hope that she enjoys their friendship for as long as it lasts and when she gets older she will look back with fondness of her imaginary friends.   I know I‘m already fond of them and I’m glad that they like to play here with us.

Here are some random comments from my Facebook friends about imaginary friends that belonged to them or their children:

~  My eldest had a friend named Harley and he came to live with us because he ran away from his family because they didn’t pay any attention to him.   He lived with us for 4 years and then they found him and he went home.  But the joy of those 4 years, oh my.  One of the funniest stories though was one time we had gone somewhere for the day and of course he went with us.  I had stopped at a gas station and we got out to get drinks and got back in car and left.  All of a sudden my son starts crying, screaming, you left him!!   Stop the car he’s chasing us!  You left Harley!!!  Oh man, so I had to stop the car, go through the motion of getting out, opening the back door, and closing it, all because of Harley not paying attention in the station. 

And, another time, my son had gotten pajamas for Christmas and it was time for bed so he was wearing them, my son came in to tell me that Harley was upset because he didn’t have new pajamas, and I said I thought Harley went home for Christmas, oh no my son told me, he decided to stay so I told my son to just give him an old pair of his pajamas and he said that Harley didn’t want to wear his old ones.

One day he stopped talking about Harley and I asked him and he said well he went back home that his dad came and got him.

~ My son did up until he was about 13, and his name was Roger.  That poor imaginary friend got blamed for so much. One time my son took a grease pencil to my white cabinets while I was doing something in another room and when I came in the kitchen to the mess I was stunned.  I asked who did it and my son, with his big green eyes wide as saucers, says "Roger ... I sawd him mommy with my owned eyes."  I scolded Roger and sent him to his corner. :)

~ No to imaginary friends but one of my sons did used to see angels or spirits or something. It was pretty weird for a while.

~ Yes, my son has imaginary friends. He also sees angels/spirits. I had one too as a child.

~ I remember my friend, Mimi, which no one else could see or hear. To this day, I swear she was real! Unexplained, but as real to me as anyone in my family. She just vanished when I was about 5.

~ I still remember mine, don’t remember her name, but she was a little indian girl and i would play in the woods with her.

~ When my daughter was about 3, she had an invisible miniature pet deer that she carried around in her hand and called "Lisa Deer."

~ I did his name was George.  One time momma shut the door on his hand and I got so upset I made her open the door back up and relock it all over again, my mom was really worried about George.  I remember her taking me to the doctor to ask if I was losing it. This was in the late 70's.

I did not need George when I started school and had kids to play with. I still wonder where he went though.  Most kids have a story what happened to their friend.  George was my boyfriend though.

~ My kids don't have one, but I did, and I even remember him.

I used to make my "friend" wait outside the bathroom door, because he was a boy, and his name was Joe and when my grandmother asked who Joe was I told her "you know my best friend before I died"- she was a little freaked out.

I even remember saying goodbye, and it made me sad because he was very real to me.

My Joe just told me it was time for him to go and that he loved me and to be a good girl, I cried all afternoon out on the swing set.   I missed him silly.

See how imaginary friends made such awesome memories for those that had them involved in their life.  The stories above touched me and they touched my heart because I know exactly what they are talking about because I see it with Baby M.  They aren't silly at all. The imagination is a wonderful thing and the imagination of a child is utterly amazing!

While typing this up I asked Baby M if Stacy and Jack were here because I was going to snap a picture of all of them together but she told me that they went to the beach with their mom and would be back in a few days.