I have a muffin top!

You’ve heard it here first!  I Michelle, AKA Supermom, has a muffin top!  If you watched the most recent vlog then you know that I’m being bombarded with Christmas candy in all shapes and sizes!  Lord knows it is starting to show in my midsection.    Tonight I wanted to go to the local pizza place beside our house for dinner so I grabbed my favorite, fit so awesome, jeans to wear and it’s where I saw it first!


As I glared into the mirror visioning the cupcakes, peanut butter balls, haystacks and fudge I said a naughty word that I will not repeat here.  It wasn’t a nice word!  Yeah yeah, I can say I don’t mind being fat and happy until my favorite jeans don’t fit!  My favorite jeans…..sobbing. 

It’s not fair I tell you.

So does this mean I have to be like everyone else that makes that cheesy New Year’s Resolution to join a gym or work out *hilarious laugh* because Supermom doesn’t do any of that!  AT ALL!  DAMMIT! 

My favorite jeans!!!! 

That’s it!  I’m not getting near a scale or my favorite jeans until like February!