I can make a difference and so can you.

Yesterday I hope that you read my blog post about domestic abuse and how I helped someone that I love very much go to Helpmate with her two daughters to get out of a dangerous relationship.  She left everything behind, material things that is.  She is safe and sound with family right now and with the help of Helpmate we hope that she will have her own home as soon as possible.

Thanks to a generous outpouring of the school the girls (ages 6 and 11) will have a wonderful Christmas this year during this difficult time.  Then my friend Twilight Junkie suggest I blog about it and accept donations for this amazing woman and her two children.  She still needs gas to run the car, money for insurance to be able to drive the car and a car payment to make.  If you want to donate money for this family I have set up a special Paypal button.  I will collect the money for her and give it back to her in the form of cash or gift certificates to use at area stores. 

I just want to tell everyone thank you for the kind words that you've given me during this difficult time.  I love this woman with all my heart and I hope in time she will be happy and not worry about fear or in her words, "being homeless".

PS.  If you do donate to this family I will be more than happy to share photos of them with you so that you know the family that you are helping.