Homemade Chocolate Walnut Brownies
with Homemade Peppermint Icing

For some strange reason when I get sick and don't feel well I dream of food!!!  Remember that time I called all the donut places in town looking for a chocolate peanut butter donut or if they could make some for me???  Only to have to make up my own cake with the most creamiest chocolate peanut butter icing (EVER) when I felt better!  Same thing happened last night.  I woke up wanting brownies and peppermint!  So I just made some homemade chocolate walnut brownies and a fluffy peppermint icing for them!

They were delicious!!!  The chocolate with the peppermint icing was AWESOME! 

I have icing left so tomorrow I might make gingerbread cookies!


mbl said…
Talk to me when you make an espresso brownie;)
Michelle Lee said…
For you I will make some next time you are down this way!