The Help was an AMAZING MOVIE!

I just hung up my bathrobe in my bathroom on a hook on the back of the door and then I glanced around my bathroom.  I just stood there in my bathroom looking at the things I needed to do like vacuum and dust.  Then as I walked into my bedroom I noticed there was laundry that needed to be folded and put away.  These are things that I happily do every day in my house.

Then Baby M caught my attention as she was mimicking me getting ready as she was throwing the clothes from her set of drawers trying to find the perfect pair of pants and a shirt that she loved.  Matching clothes isn’t a concern of hers and I don’t care.  She loves being independent and I love it too. 

Then I became so overjoyed at looking at my daughter and I was so happy that I was able to stay home with her every single day.  We have no “help” around the house and it made me extremely happy knowing this.

This morning I watched The Help with my mother in law and it was the most amazing movie that I’d seen in a very long time.  I couldn’t imagine having a home with “help”.  Someone to cook, clean and basically raise my children.  Back then things were so different and I just couldn’t imagine the hardship of being a black person who was looked upon as “The Help”.  I heard their stories and some made me laugh out loud and some made me sob like a baby.  Seeing the separate bathrooms made my heart break.  Hearing that white people thought that blacks had diseases that the white folks didn’t have but yet they let them care for their most precious procession, their children, but wouldn’t let them use their own bathroom.  To actually think adding a separate bathroom for their help would raise the value of their home when they sold it. 


I’m glad that this book was written and I’m so happy it is a movie.   It has touched me today as I look around my small house that needs cleaning and I’m so glad I am able to clean it myself.  I’m so happy that I can go into my kitchen and make dinner!  I’m so happy that I’m there for all four of my children at any moment of the day and that someone else isn’t raising them.  I’m also so thankful that there were so many loving black women who took care of so many babies long ago in white houses.  I’m sure that they are the reason that society has changed and that they made a difference.