Happy Anniversary

Today marks the ten month anniversary of the day I had my hysterectomy.  That is cause to celebrate!  Ten months of no period, no excruciating pain and no back pain.  It’s wonderful!  I will say that I had an amazing doctor take care of me throughout the whole process.  She diagnosed my unhappy uterus then schedule my surgery right away only to change it because she wouldn’t let me go on tour with Vaseline three short weeks after surgery, so the day I got back from dog sledding in Duluth I was in the hospital showing the goods off in a hospital gown.

The recovery was hard for me but now I’m super-duper and don’t miss having a period one bit!  My life has improved since I don’t have to worry about a period!  LOVE IT!!!!!

Yes, I still get sad from time to time when I see an adorable baby because I can no longer have one but then I see the four wonderful kids that I do have and I know how incredibly I am blessed.  They are all wonderful amazing kids and I couldn’t ask for more.

I do hold out to the thought of perhaps adopting if the chance ever was presented to us or becoming a grandmother down the road.  WAY DOWN THE ROAD, glaring at the teenage daughter.  I don’t have to worry about that just yet thankfully.  I know she won’t be a virgin forever but I know that it’s not on her plate now and that makes me proud.  *proud mommy smile*

Anyway, sigh; I’m enjoying my babies, my husband and Sophie the Superdog!  Happy Anniversary to me!


mbl said…
Nice drawers ;) Send me a text sometime. Dropped phone in tub and lost ALL contact info. Yeah me!
Michelle Lee said…
Hospital panties are the bomb!!!

Umm, I told you to stop taking naughty pics in the tub and sending them to your husband! *wink*