Christmas Shopping, Supermom style.

With 18 days left until the big day it’s time to make sure that your gifts have been purchased OR MADE or at least have a general idea of what you need to get done.  It’s pretty easy for us because we don’t go all crazy and go into debt when it comes to shopping.  The kids are easy!  I let the kids make a list of the things that way would like to have knowing that just because it’s on the list doesn’t mean that they will get it.  They know that I will pick 2-3 things off their list to get and that can be anything from a DVD , video game, clothes or TOYS (if you go by the little ones lists). 

Since we believe in Santa all the kids will get a special surprise gift from the big guy himself!

Then I will buy a few smaller gifts for them like hats with gloves, perfume, body wash or robes and slippers.  The usual comfort gifts that everyone usually gets for Christmas. 

Everyone else in “my group” gets a handmade gift!  This year it’s a fun one too that will require the person to spend time in their kitchen!  That’s all I’m sayin’….

To stop the kids from counting gifts and checking out box sizes I will usually come up with a system.  Each child gets a certain color and that color can be in the form of a gift tag.  For example:  Blue tag goes to B.  Pink goes to O.  Or I assign numbers but since I have four kids picking a color usually works best for me. 

I only have a few more things left to do then I should be all done in plenty of time to rest and laugh at other people who are still scrambling for gifts at the evil place mall.  This will give me more time to bake up something in the kitchen to give out to my friends and family as well!  YAY!

So, are you ready for Christmas??  Tell me your plans!  How to you shop and save money during this time of year?