A Christmas Present Idea

Do you still need a few ideas for someone for Christmas?  I made these baskets for some friends (and they haven't gotten them yet so I hope they aren't reading this post). 

10 Baskets:  Dollar Store
Tissue Paper:  Dollar Store
Several Boxes of Christmas Ornaments:  Dollar Store
10 Jars of Paul Newman Spaghetti Sauce, I buy his sauce because they donate it back out
10 Bags of Pasta
Assorted Candy

Making of the baskets.

My staging area.

A fun meal that can be shared as a family.


pglm said…
great idea...
Michelle Lee said…
Thank you!
Jean5643 said…
I love these little gift baskets, they look so interesting. I was thinking about giving my mom in law some cosmetics, like face cream and body butter, a little Tracfone SVC, etc. in a little gift bag or basket as you've shown.