Who takes care of mom when she's sick?

I've been sick for two weeks now, two very long weeks.  I finally called the doctor the other day and he called in a fabulous script for coughing.  The script along with Anancin has made it bearable.  Thankfully Superdad has been a great big help.  The Super Kids have been a great big help.  My Mamaw has been a great big help.  My mother-in-law has been amazing help.

Everyone has pitched in and gotten kids from schools, brought over Sprite, brought food and called to offer comforting words.  It's been really nice to have so many people do whatever it takes to make me feel better.  I’ve actually taken a few days off from the laptop.  I’ve been too busy sleeping and watching NCIS marathons. 

Yes, I have a pile on my desk that needs to be done but I had to feel better before I could get any work done. 
So, tomorrow, I will catch up on work and get ready for my Thanksgiving meal.

What about you?  Are you cooking?  Baking a dish to take somewhere? 


Are you going Christmas shopping on Friday?