Time Management

I get asked from time to time about time management; finding enough to do it all.  I really don’t have a straight forward answer because I’ve had to learn myself what works best for my family.  I used to be a hard core clean freak nut until recently.   Now I can leave dirty dishes in the sink until morning, I can only vacuum ONCE a week (Friday) and I can ignore the dust on the furniture.  *shrug*  I had to let go of all this crazy insanity of wanting everything perfect Monday through Sunday.
It was really going to drive me crazy if I didn’t.  I made up a plan and I’ve made myself stick to it.

~ I no longer pick up my teenager’s rooms, which means I can scratch off two rooms in the house.  I delegate the chores to them.  Change YOUR sheets, put up YOUR clothes, and dust YOUR room…  Get the drift.

~ I pick ONE day to clean the house.  That means I will clean the bathrooms, vacuum, dust and make it all nice and perfect.  (It only lasts the day so just enjoy it.)  Friday is my cleaning day because I’m too busy during the week and the weekends are for relaxing, not cleaning.  Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t use the little carpet sweeper in the dining room after a meal.  I do have two smaller kids and it mostly gets in the floor instead of in their mouth.  The carpet sweeper is also perfect for quick pick me ups midweek.

~ Don’t let the laundry pile up.  I’ve learned that with six people in the house I can actually wash a load every other day.  That way come Saturday I don’t have Mt. Everest in the basement to wash.  Also, I don’t feel overwhelmed with so much to do.  An overwhelmed mom makes an anxious mom and we are no fun.

~ Clean up the clutter.  If you have a well-organized house then you are mostly just putting things away to clean.  I always tell everyone in my house, “Find it a home and make it happy”.  Everything needs a place, find it one, keep it there and put it back there.  Viola!  Make a place for a few boxes labeled “goodwill”, “consignment”, “recycle” and “trash” so when you are cleaning up a room you have a special place for your “things to get rid of”.

~ For me I make sure kids have clothes for the next day and I will pack lunches before I go to bed.  That way in the morning it isn’t madness trying to get four kids dressed, fed and such.  If time allows do things at night before bed.

~ Organizing and planning meals is a must to save time.  Each week I will go through the cabinets and work on a menu.  I make sure that I always have enough on hand to actually prepare a weeks’ worth of food without leaving the house.

~ Don’t sweat the small stuff.   <~~That’s the biggest time management tip I can give!

I hope that this helps a few frantic moms or dads out there.  If you have a tip you’d like to share then just comment below.