Then I became the mother of two teenagers!

I'm sitting around today because Lil O is sick and home from school.  Which really isn't any different if she had been at school.  I'd still be sitting around working on my blogs, or updating Facebook, or networking on Twitter or browsing a site that someone told me about.  Oh, or I'm reading some smut on my favorite site ever!!!  We all have a favorite site!  Don't judge me for mine!  ha ha

So, I was sitting at my desk "working" when I start to browse my teenage daughter's Facebook page and come across some old pics that made me all teary eyed.  It's hard to believe that my two oldest are teenagers now, 13 and 17.  You'd think I would have thought about this in more detail since B2 did turn 13 last April, but apparently I didn't.  I have two teenagers in the house. 

Two teenagers that only tell me half truths or tell Facebook more stuff than they tell me.  I find out most of the details on Facebook.  For example, I didn't know B2 had a girlfriend and she broke up with him last weekend because she was making out with another guy at school.  LOSER!  Anyway, I had to find all of this out on Facebook.  Just think if we all didn't tell our life online then I'd never know what they were doing at school or out of school. 

So, I guess Facebook is good for a few things.  Like meeting up with your old boyfriend only to realize he had spent time in prison (true story) or friend a single guy only for his psychotic girlfriend to stalk you online (true story) or reconnect with a crazy chick you went to high school with only to block her because she's just bat shit crazy (true story).  *hilarious laugh here*

Why do I still use Facebook?  Because I love it!  It's just simply scandalous!  ha ha  Who wouldn't want to use it?  ha ha

So, anyway, I was browsing old pictures on Facebook and they made me realize I was the mother to two teenagers which I should have realized last April! 

I feel the love!

So, who wants to talk about how weird teenagers are?  ha ha I tease!  No I don't, they are unstable hormonal people who I love more than anything in the whole wide world. 

I'm so blessed!