Supermom watched Breaking Dawn and now she’s going to blog about it.

**I watched the movie last night and now I want to talk about it.  This will have a lot of spoilers in it so if you don’t want to know then don’t read any more of this post.**

For years I joked about Twilight fans and their crazy senseless obsession with pale skinned vampires and hot boys morphing into wolves that spend most of their time without a shirt on.   Then I became one of those crazy fans that drool over young boys that I could very well be old enough to be their mother.  Okay, it would be a stretch if I was old enough to be their mom but it sure does feel wrong for me to day dream about their cool touch on my skin.  HA HA!  Yeah, I’m all about Edward while my teenage daughter is a huge Jacob fan.

I don’t know how it happened or why but one day I grabbed the Twilight book from my teenager daughter’s room and started to read it.  I read it in one day.  Then I read New Moon the next day and finished the book in one day.  Then I read Eclipse in one day.  Then I picked up Breaking Dawn and stayed up into the night reading it.  I read all four books in four consecutive days.

That my friend is what you call dedication or bad parenting.  Either way I was enjoying the fantasy world of vampires and hot werewolves.  Hot as in body temperature not hot as in handsome.  Though they are handsome but I prefer the cold touch and intelligence of vampires. 

ANYWAY!!!  I’ve been counting down the days until Breaking Dawn was to be released and even purchased tickets to the first midnight showing in advance.  That was last night!  I was a 37 year old woman, driving in a minivan to a midnight showing of Breaking Dawn wearing a Team Edward t-shirt.  Comical huh?  Superdad thought so.  Ha ha.

Okay, here’s my total honest opinion of the new movie.  Since the Breaking Dawn was my favorite book in the collection and I’ve read it a couple of times I already had it played out in my head.  I knew exactly how it was going to look and I was so hoping that the movie would meet my expectations. 

It didn’t.  Don’t go gasping or anything just because you may have loved the new movie.  I for one have discriminating taste and the movie was only so-so and it could have been done a lot better.


Yeah yeah, it opens before the big day.  The dress was okay, all white and virginal but nothing to really write home about.  In the book Bella was supposed to be breathtaking and not really recognize her reflection in a mirror but in the movie it was just Bella with some eye shadow on.   I wanted to see Bella magically transformed into this floating goddess marrying her sexy man made of stone.    I wanted Bella to be mingling with people more, dancing and enjoying her night.  There was plenty of time to develop the stories a lot more into detail since it is a two part-er, you know?

Let’s move onto the honeymoon.

That was a PG-13 rating?  Well it sure wasn’t that for sex, perhaps for being graphic and bloody but it sure wasn’t about the sex, or lack of, scenes.  I know it’s a teen book but come on!!  Our teens see more on the local news about sex than in the movie!   Again, epic FAIL.  It was such a letdown IMPO. 

Then poof, Bella is pregnant and poor Edward looks like someone stole his dinner!  Where was the scene with them getting back to town and Bella running into Rosalie’s arms???  It picks up TWO weeks later with Jacob showing up!  They needed to develop the relationship with Bella and Rosalie, since Rosalie stands guard over her precious Bella throughout the pregnancy.   Time was speeding by on the big screen without much climax, no pun intended.

The special effects for making Bella look like a skeleton were pretty amazing; she did look like something was sucking the life out of her. 

It was sad at the birth of the baby and seeing her lifeless body on the table.  But it was pretty cool seeing her heal and become a vampire right before our eyes.  I wanted more though, like in the book.  I wanted to see how she felt during the transformation with everyone just waiting.  We didn’t get any of that. 

I will admit I did cry when Jacob imprints on Renesmee.  He’s all set for battle then he sees her beautiful face then he falls to his knees, I just wanted to rush to him and put my arms around him.   It was touching.

The clip in the credits was of no surprise, we all know that the Volturi want something else and that the battle isn’t over.  Duhh, remember the second half of the book???

That’s it.  I was let down with the new movie but other Twilight fans seem to be okay with this Breaking Dawn LIGHT version. 

My thoughts are, “Tsk tsk, we deserved more than that.”


SmartyMommy said…
super mom, i really look forward to watching that movie too. i really love how true love exist in this movie. although as we all know vampires and werewolves are fiction still shows that love knows no boundary. we don't have to love a vampire or a werewolf per se but just by loving our husband or our partner the way we deserve to be loved is one manifestation that true love do really exist and its in every one's heart. super mom like you... :)
jenny said…
supermom, I for one being a huge twilight fan, loved that movie....maybe they didn't put much into the first one because they are gonna put alot more into the last one? I don't know. They did seem to rush through the movie though. But all in all, I thought it was great:)
Supermom said…
Jenny, I'm glad you liked it.

I really wish I could say the same. :(

I hope there is some redemption in the second one!