Real Men Wear Twilight T-shirts

Real Men Wear Pink Twilight T-shirts

My son has a lot of black tees in his wardrobe and it's obvious that he doesn't look in the mirror when he gets ready for school!!!

Yesterday, he's running down the steps to the car so Superdad can take him to school and I see a flash of familiar silver when he is at the bottom of the steps.

I yell out, "What shirt are you wearing?"

It just so happens that my Team Edward shirt got in his basket and he had put in on by mistake but didn't realize it because obviously he didn't look in a mirror!

Just think of all the torment that would have been wearing my Twilight shirt to school.  It was all a wrestling match day so it would have been hilarious in a mean sort of way.

He was very glad that I noticed!!!  I bet he was!  I did tell him it would have made the girls wild, well the Team Edward ones at least. 

He can borrow it anytime!