Please, I need your help.

I had the chance to learn more about World Vision and how they help so many in need, even right here in the USA.  Every time I look at their catalog I get all teary seeing the things, that we often forget about, that people need to survive.

Sheeps ~ For their wool and milk.
Cows and Goats
Sewing Machines
Help send kids to school.
Help buy Bibles.
Help supply clean water.
Fuits Trees
Tools and training for farmers.

The list goes on and on.

These are things that we take for granted!  I want YOU to help me raise $100.00 for World Vision.

I think that people often forget how hard it is to live in third world countries (and even in the USA) at times and I want to raise $100.00 dollars to help these people in need.

This money can go towards food, immunizations, goats, chickens, books, clothes and so many more things.

Please browse the Gift Catalog and see the difference you can make!

$100.00 isn't a lot but it will help in so many ways.  If 100 people donate a dollar, the price of a cheap cup of coffee or a pack of gum, then we can make a difference.

Please go HERE and donate what you can, it will all add up and just think of the difference that we can make.

I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather do in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Thank you,