A Match Made in Heaven

Picture used from.http://www.countryliving.com
The other day I was going through the fridge trying to whip up something with the leftovers from Thanksgiving.  I ended up making some potato cakes with the leftover potatoes and they were delicious!!  They tasted even more delicious paired with heated honey ham and steamed broccoli.  The ham and potato cakes were perfect together.

Like beer and pizza, chocolate and peanut butter and bananas with almond butter!!!

I added cream, a lot of salt, shredded cheese, an egg, sprinkle of flour and an assortment of spices to the potatoes.  I don’t know exact measurements but I’m sure whatever you add will be awesome!
I used my griddle and cooked them with some olive oil. 

Finger licking good!  I think I’ll go make mashed potatoes just so I can make more potato cakes!