It was meant to be.

Last night I was sitting on the couch holding Sophie the Superdog like a baby in my arms while she slept and I just looked at how beautiful she was and then I thought about how much we all love her.   She came into our lives when I was going through a difficult time of having a hysterectomy and I know a lot of it was hormones talking but I wanted a puppy and I wanted it immediately.    My hysterectomy was February 1 and Sophie was born on February 2 so I know it was fate that brought us together.

We knew we wanted a dog that wouldn’t shed because the teenager has horrible allergies and pet hair is something that she cannot be around.  When she goes to people’s houses that have shedding animals or cigarette smoke she cannot breathe well for a few days.  Then we found Heather who lives hours from us who breeds Yorkie Poos and her baby had just had PUPPIES!!!  Teeny tiny puppies.  YAY!

Heather had never had a brown puppy born in any of her litters before and she had even toyed with keeping the brown one for herself but thankfully she didn’t because we wanted that beautiful brown puppy for our home. 

We are so in love with our Sophie the Superdog and we are so glad that she is in our family.  She is one of the pack for sure!  She sleeps with us in our bed, she sits with us, she stays with us, she rides in the van with us and she is my baby #5.  She would even bathe with us but I have to lock her out of the bathroom because she will just jump in the tub with us!  I learned the hard way when she jumped in my relaxing bathtub soak one day.  

So, I really know it was meant to be...