I feel awesome!

Who knew that a simple bodily function would make me so happy?  Since I have been weaned off Xanax I’ve been having trouble resting or even feeling sleepy.  For about a week now I haven’t been resting at night and haven’t even felt the desire to go to bed.  I don’t even think I’ve yawned over all this time.

Until Yesterday!!!!

I was sitting on the couch with Baby M crocheting and I felt this sudden urge to take a nap.  I was actually sleepy and yawning!  It made me so happy so I took a quick thirty minute power nap before collecting Lil O from school. I never knew that yawning and feeling sleepy would be something that I would miss but I did!  I am so glad that my body is getting back into the swing of being off medication!

It’s an awesome feeling.

Even though we’ve had these icky germs going around the house that Superdad hasn’t gotten rid of yet, I went out last night to a private party downtown at Jewels that Dance.  I was with my friend Jen and we had champagne, chocolate truffles, sweet treats and a lot of eye candy, in various forms.  I realized two things last night, the champagne was awesome and I could have easily finished the whole bottle alone and that sparkly jewels will heal anything that ails you!  Plus, it was nice getting all dolled up with make-up and sparkly clothes!

We had a lovely time trying on expensive diamonds and of course talking about Twilight!  It is only FIVE DAYS AWAY!!  Not that I’m counting or anything!  OH, FORGET IT, you know I’m counting down the days!  A lot of people are!!!!!!


I've already got my t-shirt ready for the premier!!!