From my Kichen, Prep Work

Acorn Squash roasted and then used to make a special recipe for Superdad to go along with his diet.

I mashed it with butter and honey then made up a pecan crust with butter, pecans and almond flour for a sweet treat for Superdad.

He's on the SCD Diet so I have to think about how I fix a meal so he can eat.
Special Bread made with almond flour for Superdad.
One is a garlic with olive oil (left) and the other is a banana bread.

Celery, now chopped, for the dressing.

I used fresh corn to make some cream corn. 

Sweet potatoes cooked with butter and brown sugar, for those that aren't on a diet.  Tomorrow I will make a pecan crust on top and finish baking.

Tomorrow I will finish.