Christmas Ideas for your
Family and Friends

A couple of years ago I decided that I was going to give the family, besides the kids, gifts that were homemade.  A gift is to let someone know that you are thinking about them and that they are loved and you don’t have to spend a lot of money and go in debt to give everyone a small gift.

This year I already have my homemade gifts picked out and I’m working on getting them all finished and ready for the holidays.  I don’t want to go into details because my friends read this blog so I thought I would throw out some easy suggestions so you can think about making your gifts this year.

~ Use one of your skills to make your gifts like crocheting, knitting or sewing.  Crochet or knit some scarves, dish dowels, washcloths or face scrubbies.  Pair with some pretty bath soap or body spray in a cute decorative bag.  Last year I made face scrubbies and put them in zippered bags that I had sewn together.  I added lotion or soap and gave to the ladies.  It was just a simple gift that I made with my hands for the people that mean the most to me.

~ Buy a basket and fill it with simple treats.  Those baskets are expensive when you buy them premade at certain stores so why not make your own.  Hit the Dollar Store for baskets or gift bags and think about something fun to fill it with.  Crackers, peanut butter and mints or popcorn, salt and cookies or a loaf of bread with some homemade cinnamon sugar to sprinkle on top!  There are so many ways you can fill a gift basket for everyone without going into debt.

Basket #3
I made this basket for Superdad one year for our anniversary.
I made up this big sand bucket for my niece's birthday one year.
~ Put it in a jar.  Layer the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe with the recipe tied from a ribbon from the jar.  That way the person you gave the jar to can add the wet ingredients and have a delicious treat.  Perhaps put it in a basket with a cookie plate!  Same with brownies mixes and soups!  So many options that you can make with your kids to give to the special people in your life.

~ Bake some Friendship Bread to give out in mini loaves or muffins!!!  Pass along a starter as well! 

Don’t forget the letter from Santa!  Here’s a wonderful place, Merry Mailbox, that will send your child/ren their very own personalized letter!!!  I love this idea and I’ve done it many of times for my children!!!

So, instead of spending all this money on gifts think simple, create and use your hands this year!  If you have any Christmas gift ideas please comment below!


diannaray said…
I just recently (finally!) bought myself a sewing machine, and I'm making bags for the women I love, and pillows and library totes and tutus for the little girls in my life. I'm also doing jar gifts- cookies in a jar, cocoa, etc. and for the men (grandpas really) I used my coke rewards and huggies points to get photo mugs and put lots of pics of the kids on them (and one pic of the dog sticking his tongue out at them in the middle because i thought it was pretty funny), and since everyone (especially, uhhhh GRANDPA's are picture whores) I'm picking up flash drives and loading them with all the pics from the entire year and giving it to them. *okay, the last two require a purchase, but I am creatively creating the ultimate product, lol. I love making things for people and getting something someone made JUST FOR ME:)
Supermom said…