Cause that's how I roll.

I've been patiently waiting for Breaking Dawn to get here!!!  PATIENTLY!!!  Now, I cannot contain my excitement!!!  I bought tickets a week ago for this awesome event for the midnight showing!  Yes, I'm a Twilight Junkie! Team Edward all the way!!!! 

This morning I got up and took a shower and put on my Team Edward t-shirt as I kissed my tickets for tonight, okay I didn't kiss my tickets but I probably will before the night is up!  I've never wanted to see a movie so bad that I would buy midnight tickets to see it!!!  YAY!!

Right now I'm listening to the Breaking Dawn soundtrack as I get chill bumps!  The long awaited marriage between Edward and Bella, the honeymoon and the birth of a child!  How exciting!!  I hope that the movie doesn't disappoint me because I have it a certain way in my mind and it's spectacular in my vision!!  SPECTACULAR!!!

So, I cannot wait for midnight tonight!  I'll be sitting in a movie theater probably holding a tissue as I sit on the edge of my seat!!  Along with so many other people who are huge fans like me!

Who else is going tonight??????