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A Match Made in Heaven

Wordless Wednesday

Real Men Wear Twilight T-shirts

I blame society
said tongue in cheek.

Stop and dance with me.

Superdad has spoken.

Random Thanksgiving Pictures

Black Friday, YUCK!

Happy Thanksgiving

Please, I need your help.

From my Kichen, Prep Work


Wordless Wednesday

Why am I craving these?

*skipping around*'s Top Vegan Picks for Thanksgiving

Who takes care of mom when she's sick?

Supermom watched Breaking Dawn and now she’s going to blog about it.

See you Monday.

Cause that's how I roll.

Eat Pray Love

Planning a Thanksgiving meal.

Twilight Fever

Then I became the mother of two teenagers!

We play.

It was meant to be.

I HEART Crocheting.

So long, see you in the spring.

Crocheting a Scarf

Edit Draft Medical ID Marketplace Offers a "Kiss" for the Troops NOW Through the Weekend.

I feel awesome!

Christmas Ideas for your
Family and Friends

Now you know...

Time Management

Bedhead of the Day

I am the person that my dogs thinks I am.

Yesterday wasn't a good day at all!!!

Join me TODAY at The Hop for 1/2 off caffeine!

I'd be much obliged.